Tuesday, 13 October 2009


No, not this guy. Sorry to any Trekkies reading.

I'm actually going to address our good friend daTa's new album "Skywriter". I got it when it came out awhile back, and I suppose you could say I was expecting some uber crunch electro like Paste Back and Aerius Light. Well, I was completely shocked when I listened and found an 80's pop album with beautiful melodic ambient pieces distributed throughout.

Since this is a recent 2009 release, I urge you to please purchase it. No download links will be offered, sorry. It's not a full album review, just some commentary on a few highlights.

Expecting crunchy, 80s-style electro, I was surprised to double click the first MP3 and be greeted by a spacey grand piano. As the track built up, it was like listening to Randy Edelman's score for Dragon Heart, but rendered with Gameboys and synthesizers. So yeah, that's Verdict. (Excellent soundtrack, by the way, I recommend you check it out.)

datA - Verdict

Here comes 80's pop! Baby you're one in a million! I should have left you alone sitting outside with your shoes off, waiting for the bus to come along. One In A Million is one of those tracks that's great and sucks at the same time. I can't really explain why... but for every ounce that I like this song, I dislike it just as much. Go figure.

datA - One In A Million

I honestly have no idea what the heck he was thinking with 'So Much In Love'. It feels like 10 minutes of pointless vocoder buildup. Once I'm slightly beyond the desire to strangle the song, it finally gets to the point and throws in a repetitive human vocal that lasts nowhere near as long as the obnoxious vocoder. This song really needed rewriting.

datA - So Much In Love

Renaissance Theme is kinda like Verdict, but more epic because it has an electric guitar solo halfway through. I think that should say it all, really.

datA - Renaissance Theme

Skywriter is probably the best track on the album. Choir intro, heavy beats and chopping, good vocals, both talent and lyrically. The buildup is absolutely epic. I don't think I could say one bad thing about this track.

datA - Skywriter

Hasten, music fans, buy this amazing album!


Jason said...

Agreed, excellent album. Blood Theme is my fave though; figures since I like Justeeeecceee.

untra said...

The first track, Verdict, has maybe one of the best piano scores Ive heard in an electronic music setting. Its my favorite track on the album.

Rod said...

JESUS! why haven't you guys heard the new YUKSEK? you like this? You'll LOVE away from the sea. im tired of screaming this

Thomas said...

At first listen of the album, Skywriter track didn't attract my attention. Then I read your article and re-listened to the song. Now it's definitely my favourite =)
(Kickass album anyway)

asdfffdsa said...

DatA's music is so lucid and consistent; it's more of an atmosphere and mood than just music. Daydreaming to his measures, I can empathize with him--harmonize with his wavelength, and then the image he intends to create is explicit, despite the hopelessness of putting it into words. Even the album art is consistent with this image. It is very inspiring.

Verdict, Aerius Light, So Much In Love, Renaissance Theme, Morphosis, Blood Theme

Rod said...

so everyone is sleeping on YUKSEK? aight then. you've been warned

Anonymous said...

where's the link to dl?????????????????????
i need that 'so much in love' track