Sunday, 11 October 2009

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Visiting [Guest Post]

Good evening, ladies and gentleman. I am Untra, a longtime reader of Ilictronix, an avid fan of house music, and a guy whose whole life has been consumed by videogames.

As any avid music fan will tell you, guitar hero does an awful job portraying the rock and roll culture due to poorly representing how one would actually play the guitar, especially on the easier settings. Regrettably, this can also be said for DJ Hero in regards to the clubbing scene. DJing is a difficult task that involves manipulating multiple elements of the music while keeping the provided beat. While most people unfamiliar with clubbing culture may come to believe that most DJing is scratching vinyl records, they would be mostly right if this was the year 1998. Record players have since become quite obsolete, and most DJs would actually run MP3s straight from their computers to CD Players, which can then be filtered through the mixer. As a result, most modern DJing looks more like this as opposed to this.

As any mentally sane music fan will tell you, who gives a shit?

DJ Hero is the next stop Activision's monopoly of rhythm-action games, and could go from slight deviation from Guitar Hero's royal flush on simulating a rock band to its own independent franchise, an event that already seems very likely. As a result, consumers are asked to buy another fischer-price musical instrument in return for the long lost footage of Daft Punks Alive 07 unused remix.

If you have ever tried talking to your friends about French House music, than you must be aware of how the conversation suddenly turns to exotic blends of coffee. Unfortunately in DJ Hero, fantastic house and club tunes are asked to share the stage with obnoxious rap and hip-hop tracks (and sometimes, the two genres are mixed together). But also asked to share the stage are 80's pop classics, 70's rock and roll tunes, and even some jammin' 60's tracks. The most interesting mix announced has definitely got to be 2Pac's "All Eyez On Me" vs. The Aranbee Pop Orchestra - "Bittersweet Symphony", which any musical chemist would immediately declare impossible to fuse or otherwise a disaster.

Still, its true- that mix is probably going to be absolute shit. But than again, this mix sounds absolutely fantastic, as does this one, and this one too.

And the list of notable mixers for the game is absolutely jaw dropping. To name a few, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Yoda, DJ Shadow, DJ AM (rest in peace), and last but not least, Daft Punk.

In all, if you have $100 to spare (and you already own a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360), than you should definitely drop the spare change down for a copy of DJ Hero (especially if you already own a GH guitar). Otherwise, pray a CD of the mixes is released.


Wait? You think thats it? This is a guest post after all! I won't leave you hanging without some fantastic remixes!

First up, a long-lost mp3 comes back with Lenlows Mashup, Eye of the Robot:

Lenlow - Eye of the Robot [right click to download]

And for kickers, Tom Middleton's re-edit of Corey Heart vs. New Order, Blue Sunglasses:

Corey Heart vs New Order - Blue Sunglasses At Night (Synergy Tom Middleton Using Tiga And Zyntherius Remix) [right click to download]



untra said...

Its excellent! Thanks Prez!

prez jordan said...

Only problem I have with DJ Hero is that the mixes seem to have forced in scratching, like Daft Punk's Megamix for example. Yes, it's a turntable game, but hearing scratching to a Daft Punk song was just awkward.

Nat said...

i've been following this blog for a long time, usually just shamelessly dloading music without dropping a word .... but ilove the Lenlow track so much that i decided to write just a bit ... i admired mash-up ppl so much ... they got the know-how, creativity and, above all, it's the testament to one's indulgence and passion in music ... cross-genre, no boundaries ... to me, the true cognoscenti .... your blog is so wonderful and i am following your update everyday ... from Thailand ... and here's a little something for you ... this guy is amazing so do try listen to all the tracks posted

matt_mattmatt said...

I'm in the same boat as Nat. This is a great blog, I just discovered it this summer, been following it ever since. Keep up everything. and tis guest post is great as well

prez jordan said...

<3 :D

Anonymous said...

Put untra in the team!!

Walnut said...

Thanks for the writeup, I've been curious about this game.

Also, then ≠ than ;)