Friday, 30 October 2009

Givin Some Daft Love (DJ Hero Review Part 2)

Today I continue with something so epic, it cant be contained. Thats Right, I haz some DJ Hero Daft Punk mashups,which all of them rock by the way. I thought they would be good, but this has blown my expectations.Unfortunately, I only have two at the moment (I want to get the megamixes, but it seems to be impossible, much to my dismay and Anger) Nonetheless, I will post what I have. You're Welcome.

First off, We have the Infamous DP vs Queen: We Will Robot Rock You. I'm Sure we all remember the 1 minute preview as a trailer, and all of us (especially boba, if i remember correctly. Correct me if i am wrong) Went completely ape shit over it. Make it 3 minutes long and, well ITS EVEN MORE EARGASMIC. The Scratching, the cut and pasting, it just works so well. Who knew? So far out of all DJ Hero mixes i have heard on the game, this is by far the best damn mix i have listened too. Too bad its only 3 minutes. I give it a 9/10 due to the fact that its so short.

DJ Hero - We Will Robot Rock You [right click to download]

The next Mix I want to show you really surprised me. After all who would think that of all tracks to mix, Young MC can mix with Around the World? The beats rock. The vocals blend like a smoothie. It rocks. I would say more but the post is being a real pain in the butt so heres my score: 8/10.
And Finally because its Awesome:

Daft Punk vs DJ Mehdi - Around The World vs Signatune [right click to download]

(Creds to EvilStereo for making the original mix of these two. This is the extended edit)
May The Rock Be with you,


EDIT: I Promised To Put these on here when i found them so here you go! Both DP Megamixes!

DJ Hero - Daft Punk Megamix 1 [right click to download]

DJ Hero - Daft Punk Megamix 2 [right click to download]

Enjoy in all its glory :)


M3311 said...

I like this one.
"Bust A Move Around The World"?

Anonymous said...

The Daft Punk songs and mixes rock on the game!! Thanks for getting the downloads!! The game rocks, but the Daft Punk mixes are hard. I like the challenge though.
Daft Punk
Mega mixes!

Boba said...

Seems that Signatune is becoming the new MSBWY as far as mashups go.

Spamf said...

YAY! Around The World vs Signatune extended!
Just what I need.

Nat said...

greetings from Thailand again!! mega mega post!!! we need more of this!!! DP is known in Thailand only a few years back through "Digital Love" which was Nokia commercial soundtrack ... thus, we need to spread more DP love to the kingdom!!! one of the best post ever!!!

untra said...

MSBWY, Pjanoo, Signatune... What other songs mash well with anything?

untra said...

Oh, and blue monday.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Requiem For A Dream, though that's not exactly the same genre.

Zoolon said...

thanks for posting! this just makes me more anxious to try out the game!

Michael said...

awesome stuff in the megamixes! for the uninformed, are these rips from the game itself? was it daft punk that made these mixes/mashes or whoever developed the game? either way, pretty f'n awesome! thanks!