Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween from the blogosphere!

Boo. It's Halloween again, a time for zombies and ghouls to rise from the grave to feed on the flesh of the living. And also a time for small children to roam the streets with no adult supervision looking to receive candy from strangers. Bad timing much? Anyway, I have three awesome halloweenie tracks for you today: a track from Galactik Knights' halloween EP, a re-edit of Danny Elfman's Beetlejuice theme, and of course, no costume would be complete without a little bit of Fake Blood. I won't bother to post the Louis La Roche remix of Thriller, because you just know every other blog on the web will be doing that. Enjoy.

Galactik Knights - Thrillerz [right click to download]

Danny Elfman - Beetlejuice Theme (Kamei's Halloween Edit) [right click to download]

Fake Blood - Mars (Major Zero's "Not Another Bloody Mars Remix" Remix) [right click to download]


(Hi, just barging in. I wanted to add probably the catchiest Halloween song ever. Just deserves to be here. Enjoy. - Alex)

Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers - Monster Mash [right click to download]


prez jordan said...

it's a shame louis released that remix to the public. before 2 weeks ago, every copy of his thriller remix in the blogosphere had "" in the album field.

Alex said...

Glad to help out. :P

But really, yeah, its a shame.

Anonymous said...

i love the Danny Elfman remix!

Kamei said...

Tnxx 4 posting my Danny Elfman Edit!!

Scottish Friction said...

hi illictronix - i've had you on my Google Reader for a while now and just want to say i heart ur blog in a big way!

keep up the good work

p.s. fake blood is axesome eh! if you like that you should check out Polymath

asdfffdsa said...

Always love Galactik Knights

Any idea if their manga is out yet?