Saturday, 10 October 2009

A House track a day...

...Keeps the doctor away ;)

So I've had trouble connecting for the server for like... forever and it's never connected. Turns out using a different FTP client solves it all <,<

American French Machine - American French Machine [right click to download]

Krapulax - Chicken's Party [right click to download]

Lifelike - In My Car [right click to download]

das ist all,
gymtonic ♥


prez jordan said...

Whatcha using now?

Gymtonic said...

FTP client? SmartFTP

Deej said...

Woo! Some Lifelike! Been listening to some of his work off Youtube and I'd love to get more of his music. Adventure's got to be one of my favorite songs as is So Electric.

Tyler said...

Was this an official release? It's really damn good, but I can't find a discogs page for it.

Tyler said...

I'm talking about "In My Car" but I found the discogs page for it.