Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I Love Techno Part I

Hi there,

It’s party review time…

So last week I went to one of the biggest techno parties in Europe, called I love Techno. If you want to take a look at the line-up or see how it’s organized, just check my previous post. I will warn you that there will be multiple posts and lots of material…

First act of the night was Sound of stereo, a Belgian wobbly duo that’s getting really popular these days. They bring some kick ass tunes to the table, but I saw them a couple of times already since they go to my university…

Here's them dropping their new tune called Zipper:


On to Sound of Pellegrino Thermal Team, a house and techno subdivision of the Institubes label from Paris - home of Surkin, Para One, David Rubato... The sublabel is ran by Orgasmic & Tekilatex, who made a nice opening act to get me in the groove. The set featured tribal rhythms, pumping tech house and warped funky sounds with a slice of club rap.
I am really looking for a remix they played featuring the intro of The Circle Of Life from Disney’s Lion King if anyone could help?

Next up was the first live set of the evening by blog-prodigy and long time friend and production partner of Brodinski (whom I’ll discuss later on), Yuksek. During his explosive live set, he was surrounded by vintage keyboards, analog amplifiers and live percussion. Complex, ultra-danceable break electro that you'll fall in love with if you fancy Justice or Daft Punk.

Here are some tunes:

Yuksek - I Could Never Be A Dancer [right click to download]

Yuksek - Break Ya [right click to download]

Yuksek - Tonight [right click to download]

and a nice video compilation of the gig:

It was one of the best performances of the evening, that’s why I’m crazy enough to overflow your computer screens with youtube video’s, don’t shoot me down for it. If you look closely you might even spot me somewhere on the front row right in front of Yuksek.

Enjoy, and make sure to catch the next part featuring A-traks legendary robot rock shuffle and vitalic’s performance.

Mr. Brown


prez jordan said...

just out of curiosity, what exactly are sound of stereo doing during their live set?

prez jordan said...

And jesus christ that Yuksek track "Tonight" is a BANGER.

Anonymous said...

dang i havent heard Heads Up in a minute! no disrespect to Sound of Stereo but Mightyfools absolutely shat on their version haha

jimla said...

The song you are looking for is Douster - King of Africa

Rod said...

I told you all not to sleep on YUKSEK. you guys owe me a coke

gautier said...

i was right in front of yukssek too^^ we surely were pretty close each other during his set!
I already saw him last year, and that's right : he's awesome!
To me, the huge surprise was "the Subs"...such crazy people, and they make you jump^^

ScottyB said...

hey, I was at I Love Techno too! was one hell of a party... however, the fact that you saw Yuksek lets me believe you missed The Subs... MISTAKE! :)
they were really insane... oh and btw, I got a 320 kbps of the last hour of deadmau5's set from a friend of mine that was working with the sound engineers @ I Love Techno... hit me up on if want it!

great review btw!! can't wait for part II!

ScottyB said...

wow sorry, gross timetable fail.. yuksek was way before the subs, sorry bout that ;)

Mr. Brown said...

hey, I saw the subs perform live two times already, so I didn't miss out on anything :p They were good but they didn't have too much material to work with :(

untra said...

That Tonight track is fantastic! What a post!

Apinkomoeg said...

Sound Of Stereo haven't got a live set, they just dj. But they do it very good!

Thomax said...

Hi guys,

I'm a huge Yuksek fan and im lookin for the song that is performed by Yuksek @ i love techno 09. You can hear it here: at 1:50.

Hope you know the song!