Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It is coming

Hi there,

One of the biggest electronic music events in Europe is about to open its doors the 24th of october (pretty soon huh :p). I'm talking "I love Techno" peeps, and boy after one slightly disappointing gig last year, this years line-up made me pee my pants on several occasions.

I love Techno brings you about 5 different music genres in one location:
  • The Red room: Featuring genuine techno's greatest legends and upcoming talents (think Dave Clarke, Carl Craig, Speedy J ...).
  • The Yellow room: Bringing the minimal genres (last year the Contact label was invited).
  • The Green room: AKA the "are you selling something room", where drugs and hardcore beats run rampant.
  • The Blue room: Showing some love to popular/commercial acts (let's call it the Main Room II, think Tiga, Boys Noize...)
  • The Orange room: Main Room I, where all the popular crowdmagnets play (think Ed Banger crew).

Now onto the pending issues:
1) There are too many great names this year
2) Never seen so many overlaps of the headliners
3) Never went with my friends wanting to see other acts

To solve all these dilemma's in one swing. I want you guys to give me some advice...
Here's the line-up:

Check it out, tell me who you would want to see and I'll take your opinions into consideration. The one act getting the most votes will get a special coverage in my upcoming I Love Techno review post.

Now onto a tune from the ILT compilation album put together by the Crookers this year. It's a wonderfull remix of Tiga's Beep Beep Beep we reviewed some time ago:

Tiga - Beep Beep Beep (Punks Jump Up Remix) [right click to download]

Remember, comment who you'd like to see covered and it will happen...

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Bastille said...

I would start at Sound Pellegrino, stay for Yuksek, switch to A-Trak, then Birday Nam-nam, then Vitalic (for me he's the must), catch the second half of Boys Noize, then Simian Mobile Disco (Can't be missed, best show ever), then either Fake Blood or Deadmau5, and end with Carl Craig of Tiga depending on my mood.

Alex said...

I cold stay at the Orange Room all night but an ideal schedule for me is:

Sound of Stereo, Proxy, A-Trak, Birdy Nam Nam, Boys Noize, most of The Bloody Beetroots, 2nd half of Deadmau5, end of Fake Blood, Don Rimini.

Nico said...

I would begin with Yuksek or Paul Kalkbrenner, I think PK because I've seen Yuksek last summer and it wasn't awesome whereas I liked PK's movie "Berlin Calling" and would be glad to see him live. Next A-Trak or Surkin, then BNN rather than Laurent Garnier, then Crookers and Bloody Beetroots, switching at 2:30 for SMD or Deadmau5 both excellents, then Brodinski or end of Tiga.

Mr. Brown said...

Birdy NamNam and Crookers are off my list cause last year they sucked ass big time :p.

Alex said...

I only chose Birdy Nam Nam because i never heard about any of the others.

Boba said...

I've heard the Bloody Beetroots are pretty fail live.

I'd say check out Surkin, though. I've been absolutely in love with White Knight and Next Of Kin, and I wanna know if he puts on a good show.

Ed Banger Kids said...

WOW. I think this has to be the hardest decision of your life.

Stay in the blue room. period. Except when the Subs come on go see Laurent G. He's consistently good. Or vitalic. At the beginning maybe see a bit of Buraka Som Sistema, they have some good mixes.

Crookers & Bloody B's are epic fails. They use the same sets over and over. And I guarentee you will hear Gravitys Rainbow by Soulwax. Do you really wanna suffer through that?

Alex said...

Gravity's Rainbow is by the Klaxons. But i see your point.

I would watch TBB mostly to wait, because its in between Boys Noize and Deadmau5.

Joe said...

I think they mean the Soulwax remix.

Anyway, that looks like an amazing lineup. Just a shame everyone's on at the same fucking time. Deadmau5 overlapping with Fake Blood AND Simian Mobile Disco? What were they THINKING?

Mr. Brown said...

I know, those three are epic fail when put together, thank god I already saw Simian live (but it was so awesome I wanna see it again)... but I think I'll go for the maus and blood... Still deciding if I'll go see BBR (It'll mostly be to please my friends and girlfriend though)

untra said...

Yuksek, (Late) The Count and Sinden, The Subs, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, (Late) Deadmau5, (Late) Tiga

I would regret missing, Tocadisco, Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, Vitalic and Fake Blood. And its true, if it wasn't for a quite a few on this list, I would probably stay in the orange room the whole time.

Still, You've seen BB and Crookers, than nix them. Unless you really want to see the Count and Sinden's full performance, make sure you hit Yuksek. Everything before that Ive never heard of. -_-

Steven said...


kilograms said...

My head would fall off or my brain would explode trying to go back and forth from show to show. Way too many overlaps of great acts. I saw Mau5 and A-Trak at Webster Hall this year. Mau5 was great but A-Trak's show is something I'd see again and again. He was DMC champ at 15 and although thats not the type of mixing most electro-DJs do, he incorporates it well.

Id go, in sequential order: Sound Pellegrino, Buraka Som (sick mixers), A-Trak, Subs, Boys Noize, SMD, Mau5 for a few, end with Tiga. Whew!

gautier said...

Hehe, I'll be there!!! D-10...^^

Joe said...

I definitely recommend you see A-Trak, he is an amazing turntablist.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who didn't suggest you start the night off with Sound Pellegrino fails.

Steven said...


another reason to see fake blood