Friday, 16 October 2009

Lets Keep up this Chain of Awesomeness with a Bang

After Listening to The Flashback Mix, I have decided to post a well known choon and two others NO ONE here (guaranteed. If I am wrong, shoot me down) has heard.

Lets Start shall we?

First off, Here's one we all know and love, Pjanoo, Mixed by one of my faves, Fred Falke. Its smooth, its addictive; hell i would dare say sexy. It is however repetitive as hell and may want to make you commit hara-kiri. Other than that i give a solid two thumbs up.

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Fred Falke Remix) [right click to download]

Speaking of Solid, Heres a rather unknown mix by someone named DJ Torley. He created a rather excellent mashup of Underworld and The Prodigy. But hey thats my opinion. You should hear it for yourselves.

DJ Torley - Omen Girl (Underworld vs Prodigy Mashup) [right click to download]

And finally, an even less known mix of Revolution 909 and Tell Me Why. Its great, dont get me wrong, but I do need to warn you: Its 10 minutes long, its a repetitive mind-f***er, and its a bit unbalanced. Don't let that fool you though: its eargasmic.
Just skip the first 3 minutes to really hear the mash. i wish i knew who made it. I would give him props for originality to say at the least.

Daft Punk vs Supermode - Revolution 909 vs Tell Me Why [right click to download]

Stay Fresh. Stay Awesome



Deej said...

The Revolution 909 remix used in that last track is actually nicely used. I do like the variety the new beats brought the original.

Anonymous said...

Ten bucks says you made it yourself.

Gavin said...

heh i know who made the rev 909 mix but i seriously doubt you can guess correctly. Let it be a mystery, and i will reveal the identity soon enough

Torley said...

I thank ye for discovering my mix and sharing it! Moar of my tracks are here. Dream on...