Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lift Me Up to the Stars

Time to intorduce you to a new group.

Starlifters are a croatian duo consisted by Zvonimir Garashich, aka Switch (no, not the british one) and Daniel Chelan, aka Beat Gates, both with a lot of experience in the producing business.

After going through hip-hop, techno, d'n'b, etc, they decided to make French House, like their inspirations, Daft Punk, Modjo, Cassius, and so on.

They released a selftitled EP (well, its as big as some albums) this year, and are waiting for some success.

Here are my top favourites.

Club Night has a quite nice groove and also a more hardcore synth on the background gives the track a bit of a boost.

Starlifters - Club Night [right click to download]

Wawes is a bit of an interlude, but all the tracks on the EP are no longer than 4 minutes. Still, i think it should be longer. The sample fits perfectly with the bells and the synth. It is also quite bouncy.

Starlifters - Wawes [right click to download]

At last, Faces. This one starts off with a massive beat for the 1st 15 seconds and then kicks off for a brilliant track. The vocal sample that comes in comes in beautifully and complements an already fantastic track.

Starlifters - Faces [right click to download]

Check out their Myspace to download the full EP and be sure to watch out for these guys!


The Phunk Phreaks and Doc Phat - Dance with Me (Horny United Vs Phunk Phreaks Mix) [right click to download]


Breaking the chain,


Joe said...

Switch isn't dubstep...

prez jordan said...

That last track sounds exactly like Gile's "Furious Funk"

asdfffdsa said...

"Wawes" is essentially Carly Simon's "Why" (the "sampled" song) sped up, and then overlayed with some god awful sound effects.

How original.


Anonymous said...

Assface. That's what house music IS.

Anonymous said...

keep the knockers coming baby!
bangin hammers all night son!
(Starlifters - Faces)

Switchblade said...

Tnx for the comments guys!
And tnx Ilictronix for posting
this here ;)