Thursday, 1 October 2009

Loving This Guy

Ugh I really wish he weren't so damn mysterious! I love Discount.

After some nice emails regarding the last track I posted by him, I will post two more. One, you may have heard if you frequent the shout box, as well as a brand new track. I love 'em both, to be honest.

The first one samples Elesse (Sebastien Leger, which backwards initials is LS - Elesse :D). Specifically, the drums form PYT. Also included are samples from Database's "Feeling Must Be Love." Enjoy, I know I did.

Discount - Feeling (Must Be) [Remix] [right click to download]

The next is the newest track from Discount, Slap the Knot. This one is so weird, I just love it. It samples the drumline from Bel Biv DeVoe's 1990 classic "Poison," as well as a familiar sample which I mentioned just a few days ago! Dynasty's "Strokin'." It's catchy, it's raw, and apparently it's 100% live according to Discount himself (midi I assume?). Anyway, take a listen - but as the title suggests, it's not done.

Discount - Slap the Knot (Unfinished) [right click to download]

Discount requests that you fans leave as many comments as possible, he was thrilled to have such strong opinions last time around, and with an EP in the works - he wants all the help he can get. So help him out!

Prez Jordan


Hathor & Nyx said...

Loved 'Feeling Must Be'!

would love to also re-blog this if that's alright?

prez jordan said...

Of course, just please put a referral link or something similar :)

Anonymous said...

slap the knot is awesome, lovin the poison sample.

Funkow said...

First song is a remix.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Indeed it is. This Discount guy has some serious potential, but he really oughta start finding more of his own samples and creating more of his own material. I think if he keeps it up, he'll go pretty far.

untra said...

Im not 100% sure Feeling Must Be. The track is mostly just playing around with filters over a fantastic sample. Im not saying its bad, but its the bare minimum.

Slap the Knot however... Its wonderful. The gentle voice over the rough drum line somehow makes for perfect harmony. My only suggestion for that would be to take down the drumline bass when playing with filters over the Dynasty Sample, especially through 1:00-1:10.

Joe said...

If you can't be bothered to find your own samples, you shouldn't be sampling.

prez jordan said...

Feeling Must Be is a remix, as I mentioned in the article haha.

And what's wrong with using Strokin' samples? I've heard Dare Me in like 10 different tracks.

Also, my only thing would be to take out the Poison drums over one of the vocals samples at 2:30

Discount said...

Thanks everyone! I'm still working out some kinks in "Slap the Knot"... including the title haha

Sorry for using unoriginal samples, I just wanted to try some nice vocals that would fit well with this beat...Strokin' came to mind.

This was almost an experiment, could I mix some funky stuff from both ends of music? It was a try.

Joe said...

OK, fair play, he's used a bit of creativity in that second track, but the first is essentially him nicking bits from Leger and Database and calling it his own. I dunno, sampling tunes that already have samples in them is just a bit... taboo, in my opinion.

Discount said...

Yeah, Feeling Must Be was never meant to be an actual song. To be honest, I was just trying out my new live equipment. (I don't use Ableton :D)

I apologize, Prez made it out to be like it was a song... :-\ It's just simple rearranging.

Club Cavalry said...

Slap The Knot is utter trite. I'm sorry to say it but the drum line is too hard/strange for a supposed house track. The sample is alright, but only alright. I dunno about how well it flows together :\ It's an interesting combination, but perhaps too creative.

Feeling has a great sample, but isn't creative enough! Especially with the chopping. It needs more.

OK stuff, could have potential in the future I think. Not going on my mp3 player at the moment though.

Boba Fettuccini said...

The man has spoken.

Tommy Cornelis said...

discount- who are you- where are you from- do you have a website?