Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Most Underrated Album Of All Time

Today, im gonna give to you a whole album. Thats right, 12 tracks for free. And 12 tracks you wont find that easily.

Aloud were Gregory Louis and Cyril Bodin. And when i say were, it means they unfortuantly broke up. Bodin is now a singer in a heavy-metal band, called Amen Birdman, of which Raw Man is also a part of.

Anyway, about the album. It had 2 major singles, Sex & Sun and Bob O'Lean. Sex & Sun became a club anthem of 2004, with remixes by Thin White Duke and Eric Prydz to go along.
Bob O'Lean also became quite known, and the fact that it had remixes by Armand Van Helden (which im searching) and Play Paul gave a hand.

Soon enough, they had an album released. But because it was released on a sister label of Ministry Of Sound, called Open (the album was actually the last release from that label) it never got any proper recognition.

Until now.

From start to finish, this is an amazing album. This is actually one of the only albums in which i adore every single track.
Cyril's extremely deep vocals are present eveywhere, along with basslines, synths, pianos, guitars, the lot.
And despite its a house/synth-pop album, it can still have stuff like calm tracks, with violins and sounds of rain falling.

Despite, i can barely understand a thing that Cyril is singing (who can make lyrics of the tracks is my hero), his voice is incredibly beautiful and appealing.

There are no bad moments in this album. It is incredibly uplifting, cheerful, easy to listen and fantastic.

I give this album a 9.99/10. Why not just 10? because theres a small glitch in the intro to Sex & Sun Part II, which is only noticeable with headphones, but it can get annoying, so that is why.

Ill only put the flash player on some tracks, but download links will be available for all, plus a .rar, so you dont download the track 1 by 1.

Aloud - Wild Open [right click to download]

Aloud - Bob O'Lean [right click to download]

Aloud - Sex & Sun [right click to download]

Aloud - Sex & Sun Part II [right click to download]

Aloud - Nevermind [right click to download]

Aloud - Rocky XIII [right click to download]

Aloud - Undersea [right click to download]

Aloud - Face No More [right click to download]

Aloud - Lost Angeles [right click to download]

Aloud - Musique [right click to download]

Aloud - Show Off [right click to download]

Full album:
Aloud - Aloud [right click to download]

I thank with all my heart Colour for finding the missing tracks.




sunny said...

not my cup of tea

Gymtonic said...

cannot WAIT to d/l this! thanks <3

Spaceman Spiff said...

dude i love this album. ive collected about half of the tracks from it but could never find the full album somewhere. THANKS!

Ghosts Of Venice said...

Nice to have the full album at last.

Xavi (PFF) said...

aloud were the shit!
eric prydz's sex & sun remix is still one of my fav songs! the voice and lyrics are epic!
love "undersea" over all!
thanks for this amazing post! (and also for the whole blog)

K.E.I.T.H. said...

yep, this one went under the radar big time. i had to hunt and hunt for a hard copy of this.

K.E.I.T.H. said...

and there is a cracking mashup out there with missy elliot rapping over the tp

Colour said...

Sex and Sun, Smoke and Honey. That's where I long to be. (8)

I had never heard of Aloud before I found the tracks for Alex, but I quite like them.

If you want, ill have a look around for some remixes for you guys.

- Colour.

Anonymous said...

Wild Open rocks my world! I've been bumping it non-stop & can feel my testosterone level increase with the quickness. Whoever you are, person who posted this, you're the shit!

stlolth said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I'm loving it! A true gem.

Peppermint Lasso said...

Thank you!

The house act with the (I thought) ungoogleable name.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I had this album on vinyl, but it's since been misplaced. Thanks!

Holden said...

I thought I would never find this whole CD. According to Discogs Along with the Eric Prydz and Thin White Duke remixes DJ Touché did one for Sex and Sun as well. For those that do not know DJ Touché is now known as Fake Blood, and I've been looking for these for along time. If you find anything please post them.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I finally got Musique.mp3, this song kills me and I couldn't find it Anywhere!!!

Thank you so much.

Vega4 said...

Aloud had so much talent, it's a shame that they broke up..

Anonymous said...

I`m at the Sexand the sun II now, what a positive energetic trac, and great album. THANX!!!

- Tomek

Austin Thurber said...

Damn - Thanks a pantload!