Saturday, 24 October 2009

[VRT 003] Gile - Starnight

When I was a young naive little bastard, I thought French House was limited to the high-octane disco-sampled let's-go-have-sex tracks of the new millennium. Boy was I wrong.

Gile is so good that it actually hurts sometimes. A few months ago I let you all enjoy Furious Funk, and you're certainly welcome for that. However, I believe the third installment of Vertigo Records, Starnight, is even better. This music is so crispy, light-hearted, funky, and pleasing to the ears. This is quite possibly my favorite french house album of all time.

Starnight brings you back to a time you wish would just come back. House music was raping so hard, while many argue in 2001 it was raping even harder, and the French house scene made you proud. I haven't heard of any other Gile, nor am I sure of his other side projects, but feel free to drop a comment if you have any idea what Gile's been up to.

Let's start out with Hous'in. This belongs in the category I call listen-to-anytime. LOA songs come far and wide, but Gile manages to give us a fresh tune that builds up, keeps our spirits lightened. This one's funky, and I'm not even going to bother rating these tracks, because in my mind, they're all 10s. Just shut up and enjoy the music.

Gile - Hous'in [right click to download]

Next up is a track by the same name as the EP, Starnight. This one's a little heavier than Hous'in, but still manages to build itself upon funky drumbeats and basslines. Starnight is so addicting, and one listen just isn't enough. I fully understand if the loops bother you, because they are a little "off," but the song overall is still very intoxicating, especially when the loops play through (without being sliced and repeated).

Gile - Starnight [right click to download]

And lastly is Stop It - I just love the samples on this one. With some (303 I think) drums, the samples and filters just make this ooze french house. Yhe vocals finally come in, amd the song explodes and love flies out of your speakers, especially when one man asks "What are ya, fuckin stupid?" It's funky, light, fun, and just enjoyable.

Gile - Stop It [right click to download]

Enjoy! (in 320)


Club Cavalry said...

Gile <3333333
he srsly inspires me. Furious Week is probably one of the best EPs ever. Starnight is not far behind.

He released one more EP for Vertigo and then he disappeared. Apparently he did a remix in 2006

now he's on Myspace and he makes electro. what a shame. :/

Calvin said...

thank you for putting this 12" up as requested. my 12" is nearly on its last leg since its been in my record bag to spinfor 8 years... (last 2 years I went to mp3). thanks again!

Joe said...

Doc Phatt & Phunk Phreaks' "Dance With Me (Horny United vs Phunk Phreaks Mix)" samples the drums from Starnight, as well as a loop from Braxe & Falke "Intro".

Loreta said...

There are many more songs which sample Starnight drums (soundbank?), sadly can't remember any of them.

Loreta said...

oh yeah! Chicane feat. Tom Jones - Stoned In Love!

Boba Fettuccini said...

Rape tends to be a bad thing, Prez.