Sunday, 8 November 2009

Axel and Thony in studio

Big thanks to asdfffdsa for dropping a comment with this nifty video here. Seems Thony Ritz and Axel Le Baron are getting some pretty epic electro/house stuff goin' here...

My knee is twitching in anticipation.


prez jordan said...

the phantom's revenge used that vocal sample in Saturated Phat Impact - i have it :D

asdfffdsa said...

I have to give the user "postworthymusic" on youtube credit for this (might want to make a note of that in the post)

Some updates from him:

- Julien Kourbatoff may also be part of this collaboration
- The original song is called "Big City Nights" by Thony Ritz, which can be found on his myspace ( )
- The original is--as of now--unreleased
- The one in the video has some layered synths on top of the original sample, but me and him both agree the Axel Le Baron and Julien Kourbatoff collaboration is much better

I'll introduce postworthymusic to the ilictronix community. Says he'd like more people to discuss this stuff with, and I think this is just the place :)

Alex said...

postworthymusic already knows us.

Remember the Patrick Alavi self-collab i posted? he put it on youtube and credited us.

Also, that track sounds brilliant.

Anonymous said...

jizzed my pants...