Monday, 2 November 2009

I Love Techno part II

Part 2 of the I Love Techno party review is already upon us peeps…

Featuring A-Trak, The Montreal-born, Brooklyn-based DJ/producer. His rise to turntablist stardom at an early age cemented his role in DJ history by winning multiple DMC championships (one at 15). Here’s an example of his turntable skills I know you will all love:

A-Trak has since been Douchebag West’s DJ and launched his own label called Fool’s Gold Records (Trying to make his big brother, who's a member of Chromeo jealous) . But now he’s in the spotlights for a different reason. Perhaps the greatest collaboration in Producing history has taken place and is called Duck Sauce…

Duck Sauce - You're Nasty [right click to download]

But what is a good review without some killerremixes?

Digitalism - Idealistic (A-Trak Remix)

The Count And Sinden - Beeper (A-Trak Remix)

and here’s a live showcase from I Love techno where he’s shaking up the audience:

He’s the boss!

You early ilictronix fans may remember the Sinden remix off this banger, so here’s the original so you guys can compare them:

A-Trak - Say Whoa [right click to download]

Now my next excursion led me to the Dutch Speedy J who was playing before Vitalic. Classic techno time it is, with some of the greatest Club Anthems ever:

Speedy J - Pull Over [right click to download]

Speedy J - Something For Your Mind [right click to download]

Something else about Speedy: in his latest project, he asked people from all over the world to send him some of their music and he will create tracks out of the samples he received. Something to look forward to…

MEGABONUS: 2 Posts in one

We had a shoutout for some Alex Gopher Today. Man are you guys lucky I already prepared some songs for a post on him. So here’s a remix exchange between him and my second most favourite Scandinavian duo, Dada Life.

Alex Gopher - Handguns (Dada Life Remix)

Dada Life - Happy Hands And Happy Feet (Alex Gopher Remix)

His latest single got me really excited when I saw who did the remixing. The single itself is a real party banger with a really catchy loop:

Alex Gopher - Aurora [right click to download]

On to the first remix by Knightlife and OMG there’s a Roit In Belgium:

Alex Gopher - Aurora ( Riot In Belgium And Knightlife Remix)

Did I mention I absolutely adore remixes that don’t just slightly change the original, but build a whole new song out of it, well this one is a perfect example. A very funky version of the example where the catchy loop is nowhere to be found, it’s cut up and used brilliantly throughout the end of the song.

Next up, the La Mode Remix, a more conventional styled remix:

Alex Gopher - Aurora ( La Mode Remix)

Where the play with distortions and extra keys made the original so much more interesting.

And off course the requested mp3:

Alex Gopher - DUST [right click to download]

Time’s up for today, see you next time with some more goodies…
Enjoy, Mr. Brown


matt said...

first, sorry, but hasn't aurora been out for well over a year? second, ILT was the best festival in history. here's a vid i got of a-trak doing moombah > lyposuct if you care to relive that moment at all:

Mr. Brown said...

I know aurora is old, but we don't post really new stuff anymore because it'll only get us in trouble with the artists and producers. But it's the latest release of him I remember :p
And I do remember the video, thanx

MixiM said...

What is your number one favourite Scandinavian duo then?

Mr. Brown said...

I am eagerly awaiting the new album from The Knife. We share our mothers health is one of my favourite songs of all time, therefore it's my number 1. Bangkok Impact is ranked nr 3.

Joe said...

Alex Gopher was a fucking ton better when he did French house rather than electro.

Kish said...

aurora is old but its fucking heavvyyyy stuff and that remix is slick as! so glad you posted it, i've loved it for ages and it definitely deserves the attention so everyone in the blog world can take a listen.

ha, and on 'whoa', funny how everyone knows the remix and not the original. i didn't even have the original :|

BillieBoy said...

What´s the name of the song in the A-trak clip that starts 4:21?


Bastille said...

Sample Call:
Jerk It (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) - Thunderheist definitely samples Pull Over - Speedy J