Saturday, 28 November 2009

Love, The Universe, And Everything

Once again, Power Glove Records returns with an epic EP of 80s proportions featuring the sampling skills of Boba Fettuccini, and an exploding planet to boot. This particular EP has been on the stove since June of last year, and PGR is finally releasing it to the public! Samples run rampant, touching on everything from big name 80's pop artists, to b-sides of forgotten freestyle artists, to The Titanic soundtrack. There's something for everyone!

01 Boba Fettuccini - A Woman To Love [right click to download]

02 Boba Fettuccini - Queen Of Hearts (80s Mix) [right click to download]

03 Boba Fettuccini - Perfect Chemistry [right click to download]

04 Boba Fettuccini - Together Forever [right click to download]

05 Boba Fettuccini - Do You Understand [right click to download]

06 Boba Fettuccini - Love Can Last [right click to download]

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more PGR releases soon! Check out Power Glove and Boba on myspace.


kurmidt said...

together forever file not found.

good stuff otherwise!

kurmidt said...

you sampled celine.. that's brill!

abstract canvas prints said...

Awesome post, thanks so much! Files working for me now.