Sunday, 29 November 2009

NiteShades Picks of the Week (Part I)

I have no main topic to discuss about again this week, so i will just post some more tracks i think you will like. These are exclusive tracks of the week that i am sharing with you, whether you have it or not. Sorry for the lack of band posting from me, I should have one in my next post, sometime next week. Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and start bangin out to them. I did.

Erol Alkan and Boys Noize - Death Suite (DJ Mehdi's Simple Acid Edit) [right click to download]

Rondo Veneziano - La Serenissima (Serge Santiago's Extended Edit) [right click to download]

Please Note: This mix of Around the World is NOT Sebastian Leger's Bootleg Mix. This one is entirely different from it altogether. So Listen to it!

Daft Punk - Around the World (Sebastian Leger's Unreleased Remix ) [right click to download]

Just for Kicks:

The Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Herve Remix) [right click to download]

And finally, A real banger to end the list:

DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Spiller Remix) [right click to download]

Keep on groovin ,even on the last day of the weekend,



Clark said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

why post if you have nothing to talk about?

Anonymous said...

One might ask you the same thing, Mr. Anonymous..

Very nice tracks.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah anonymous #1...This is a music blog. There doesn't need to be anything to talk about. Just good beats. And the beats have been delivered