Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Quickie

What's up folks. Today I was in the shower and for some reason felt compelled to take a stab at DNB. Tell me what you think, hate all you want, it's just a first try.

Not mastered or anything, recorded with an Alesis Micron to a Korg KP3 to Audacity. Drums came from iDrum using the Vengeance Essential House vol. 1 Pack :D This was one take, unfortunately for some.

Prez Jordan - Make It [right click to download]

I really wish I knew how to work with post-production. If someone wants to fix this up, be my guest :) Just be sure to give some credit and send the finished product my way. But I encourage you, because I would LOVE someone to do some tuning on this...thing.

Just let me know what you think :)


Colour said...

Love the synths! One thing I would recommend is using a different drum beat, something heavier maybe.

Also, I don't like the effect used at about 26 seconds in. I remember mucking around with that in Audacity once upon a time.

Other than that, this track is really good. I look forward to any further work you do it it.

- Colour.

Walnut said...

mastering/mixing stuff is definitely something I wish I was better at too...

Bastille said...

I recommend Logic for mastering, really helped with all our post production. There's also a book called The Dance Music Manual which helped too:

Colour said...

Prez, is there any way i could have the synths to have a play around with?

Boba said...

This is definitely not the appropriate beat. This is a 4/4 kick/snare patten track, not a breakbeat track.

Anonymous said...

would use a different drum beat, it's the "white boy" beat as I've heard it called. Which doesn't give us white people free reign on it, contrary to popular belief.