Monday, 30 November 2009


What's good? In case you haven't noticed, your rezident prezident has not posted music in several weeks. I'm sorry. :D Between coding, enjoying my DJ Hero - Renegade Edition (Thanks m80), school, and various website stuff, I've been kinda busy. But here are some songs that I haven't been able to stop playing lately.

Cuddle Fuddle. I didn't even know this track existed until a few weeks ago, and I am so mad I missed out on "Chunk Of Change." This song is whiny, but I can't get enough of it. It has such a nice backbeat - courtesy of synth mastermind Bo Flex'd - and the vocals just soothe my soul, surprisingly. It's totally worth a listen.

Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle [right click to download]

And as a bonus, another one of my favorites from Chunk of Change - EP.

Passion Pit - Better Things [right click to download]

Let's move on. My last track I posted (I think) was Just a Band's Usinibore. Oh god, I hope that wasn't the last one - that was ages ago. Anyway, I've been listening to more Just A Band, and they are damn good. Though some songs are a little too simple or slow for me, some are downright incredible. Here's one of my favorites. It combines tribal "howling" with some amazing synth leads that sound like a slowed down hip-hop. The drums are good, but not Revolution 909 good :P.

Just A Band - BoogieDeeBweet [iTunes]

And lastly, my current obsession. I've had MSTRKRFT's remix library for quite some time, but only recently have I taken the time to thoroughly listen to each track. Their remix of Buck 65's punk-epica Kennedy Killed the Hat is so beautiful it makes me cry. I'll call it... Dance-Punk. The lyrics don't make any sense, but they don't have to. The guitar is distorted, but not overly-distorted (*cough* DFA79). I love this tune. The other "Rock Remix" isn't all that amazing, so I won't post it.

Buck 65 - Kennedy Killed The Hat (MSTRKRFT Dance Remix) [right click to download]

Enjoy, and you'll hear from me next with some info on our 2 new writers ;)

PS - COMING SOON: Some Interviews ;) I won't say who - but some of you already know.


Nico said...

I know who you interviewed and let's leak he's french :)

V said...

dont eveer insult DFA1979.. or i will have your head, on a silver platter

prez jordan said...

just did :P

Anonymous said...

agreed with V. DFA1979 was amazing. Also anytime you post MSTRKRFT tracks, I'm happy

Matt said...

agreed with V. DFA1979 was amazing. Also anytime you post MSTRKRFT tracks, I'm happy

DWEEB said...

thanks for introducing me to "just a band". passion pit is always a plus and that's one amazing mstrkrft remix

PostWorthyMusic said...

May I guess The Phantom's Revenge?

A public Twitter profile can reveal a lot =b

prez jordan said...

way off ;)

PostWorthyMusic said...

Damn, I guess a public Twitter profile can't be that revealing...

Hmm, let's see; other french people who might be relevant... Alan Braxe, Axel Le Baron, Gile, Thony Ritz, Busy P... Errr... Nicolas Sarkozy?

Anonymous said...

there is no bo-flex in any passion pit songs. bo flex is the side project of ayad al adamy, who plays in the band live. the music is just michael.