Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Upcoming DJ Hero HANDS-ON Review

Hey guys, hope all is well,

I was recently approached by M80 Social Media Marketing (http://m80im.com) on behalf of Activision with some information on DJ Hero, as well as a request for me to write about the game.

We've had some mentions of Activision's new game (released October 27th in North America, 29th in Europe), including a pretty in-depth analysis by Untra. However, this blog is lacking a real hands-on review. And from what I can tell, there aren't many good hands-on reviews anywhere.

So I went back and forth with them, and I have now planned a hands-on review with the game - So if all goes well, you folks will have quite the treat. I plan on writing a VERY in-depth, and probably even multi-part, review on the game, explaining some mechanics, and giving some opinions both from me and a few of my friends.

It should be interesting, so stay tuned,

PS - They also requested that I include this widget for you viewers to try out. I got 89% on my first try, how about you? Let us know in the comments.


Gymtonic said...

woah that game's hard, i know i'm going to end up failing when i get the game :P can't wait for the post neither :)

Anonymous said...

If you needed a hands-review of the game, you should've asked us. I have the Renegade edition of the game. I can provide one if needed, just tell me Prez.

Anonymous said...

5 stars in all the songs except the Daft Punk/Cars mash, medium setting. I will be moving up to a harder setting.

Anonymous said...

I thought NiteSHade was doing the review... or is he doing just the songs?

prez jordan said...

nope, niteshade's is kinda just the music. im receiving the game sometime next week to review. blog life <3

bfred said...

man i'm pumped for this game, i got an 89% too haha. lookin forward to the review, i'm jealous

Louie said...

I think the game is awesome. I bought the Renegade Edition and the turntable is amazing. The songs are awesome yet difficult. You'll get the hang of it. My favorites so far are the Daft Punk and DJ AM tracks.