Friday, 6 November 2009

Well. We have a store.

Oh hello readers. Sorry for the post spam - I've just been reviving a few posts for some fans, and felt they needed to be re-featured.

Anywho, this afternoon I had some free time and decided to go ahead and build us a store via CafePress.

On there we've got some t-shirts, magnets, hats, buttons, and some stickers - just basic merchandise. I'm not trying to make some bank off of this stuff, just a few dollars here and there to pay for hosting, which comes out of MY pocket.

So please, support ilictronix and buy some of our gear. It's a work in progress so expect a little more in the future. And yes, I know some of the stuff is a bit pricy :( but hey, you'll be helping out, and I'll know who you are if you purchase - and you'll be compensated.

So go ahead and check out the store, you could say it's in beta.



Anonymous said...

oh no!, you must be kiding, im from mexico. how the .... could buy in the "store"??? tell me you are my ultimate source of music

prez jordan said...

you can still pay with paypal i believe

!Nik said...

Slip mats?

Boba Fettuccini said...

I'm getting a teeshirt.