Tuesday, 22 December 2009


What's up guys, sorry I haven't been around much lately.

Just figured I'd update you on the writer situation. We've chosen one writer so far, and we're still working on the other :) Please note that this may not be the end of the line for you. And any last-minute pleas can be sent here. :D

So tomorrow I'll give a formal welcome to Philip, and the other writer, who I haven't exactly decided on :)

If you guys could drop a congrats to Philip via twitter, that would be oh so excellent :) Make him feel welcome. BE GOOD PEOPLE.

See you tomorrow,


Champiness said...

...Nah, I'm very happy for him. I'd congratulate him on twitter if I had one.

Gavin said...

i haz no twitter so tell him my congrats :)

bplittle said...

congrats, philip. I refuse to become a tweeter but I will show love here.

messer hani said...

congratulations Philip! hope you'll show us some splendid music :D