Friday, 4 December 2009

Got Some Frenchies for ya.

And what i mean by frenchies, is that its french house songs, or a song remixed by a french house artist. Im going to show you some familiar ones, and one you may not know, unless if you heard a certain mix i posted up. So here we go!

If you heard Galactik Knights Dbl Hlx M-909 Mix, You should recognize this track as the intro for it.Named as House Nation by the band ravex, This track has wonderful, kickin french house beats along with spellbinding vocals that would make anyone fall in love with it. The beginning is a bit different on the real track, so give it some time. :) Its eargasmic.

Ravex - House Nation (Feat. Lisa) [right click to download]

Speaking of Galactik Knights, heres their most recent remix of a David Guetta song (its actually good, so dont run in fear!) this song has gotten stuck in my head for so long because of its ever repetitive vocals saying "Damn yousa Sexy B****" along with a very housy beat that I must say I Love.

David Guetta (ft. Akon) - Sexy Bitch (Galactik Knights Club Mix) [right click to download]

Next I have a Modjo remix of Chillin made by Buffalo Bunch. This Remix sounds purely french house, somewhat similar to crydamoure (but not as good). Regardless, Its a very sweet remix nonetheless with a lot of groove to go with it.

Modjo - Chillin (Buffalo Bunch Remix) [right click to download]

And finally, a really epic FH song in my opinion, In Love with You. made by the Paradise (Aka Alan Braxe and Romuald) This is truly one of the best French house Songs of all time in my opinion. The catchy lyrics,the sexy riffs, oh man this track makes me want to cry because its so beautiful.

The Paradise - In Love with You [right click to download]

And just as a bonus: DP's Remix of The Chemical Brothers and a ilictronix exclusive: a Short Mehdi Edit of The Party by Justice & Uffie! (its only 2 and a half minutes long. Bother. :P )

The Chemical Brothers - Life is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix) [right click to download]

(ILICTRONIX EXCLUSIVE!!! You can't find it anywhere else!)

Justice (Feat. Uffie) - Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (DJ Mehdi Edit) [right click to download]

Cheers to the French for making some awesome music (along with artists who make French House)



Holden said...

Love the Buffalo Bunch remix. I've been looking for another remix by then called Panico - El Mambero (Carnaval De Toros Y Bufalos Mix) (By Buffalo Bunch Extented Version) for some time now. If any of y'all could find it, that would be very awesome.

Anonymous said...

If you like that ravex feat Lisa song, you should check out Lisa's albums Got That Fever and Disco Volante for more house/jpop songs.

Anonymous said...

EPIC post!!! You gotta love French House!!!

Walnut said...

cool, I've never seen that DP remix, but I definitely recognize it from one of their DJ sets

kurmidt said...

that paradise song is on 'the upper cuts', that amazing alan braxe and friends album. holy shit i love that album.

kurmidt said...

oh and i have that panico remix. fave chilean band besides compiuters ;-) gimme ur email i'll send it to u.

Wulf said...

As much as I love Lisa and the avex crew, House Nation sounds too much like an electrified version of Grandlife. And not nearly as good as Grandlife either.

Everything else, however... <3