Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Introducing: Voltouch

Hi there,

“It’s been a while” seems to become my new opening line, but this time I really have an excuse. University made me write an essay about Three-phase, full-bridge diode rectifiers and …

On to the more interesting stuff: Earlier this year I had the pleasure to meet some guy that happened to be a DJ through a mutual friend. After some track exchanges and telling him I wrote for this blog, he was interested to appear on it. Didn’t happen for a long while though, you know me: busy, busy, busy. But now the time has finally come for the world to meet DJ Voltouch (myspace and facebook).

Who is he?
A fairly known DJ in the Brussels area that brings you a mix of tech house, fidget & techno (some people even like to describe the music he plays as “wasmachienmuziek”). Most noticeable performance he did was probably with Fukkk Off and he did an interview with CJ Bolland not so long ago. Other than that, I don’t really know much about Voltouch since I never saw him perform.

Saw… as in… not at that time, but things tend to change. Some weeks ago he played a liveset for a local radio station in Brussels called XLAIR. And me and some friend went to cheer on him.

Lucky us, I received the liveset and here it is:

Voltouch – Live @ XLAIR Radio [right click to download]

Don’t mind the first few seconds, it really starts off with the Voltouch intro :p

As you can all hear he packed some punch, bringing a mix of banging beats, swinging rhythms, catchy vocals and deep bass sounds. The song choice was very interesting, giving us lots of unknown (at least to the great public) goodies and remixes. The flow of the entire thing is amazing in my opinion, everything fits and works perfectly with one another. Never one boring part, yet room for breathing. Amazing performance…

And here are my favorite picks from the liveset:

Blaqstarr – Hands Up Thumbs Down (High Powered Boys Remix)

This one got me right from the first time I heard it. Must be those lyrics, those sweet sugary lyrics. Only downside, not much really happens throughout the song.

Brodinski - Peanuts Club (NT89 Remix) [right click to download]

Second pick: a remix of Peanut Club by Brodinski (man I love this guy since I saw him at I love techno). Track got popular as hell, so it’s best to get to know it now, if you haven’t already…
This remix got to me since it’s got some more of those deep bass sounds I like to pump through my stereo, but be sure to check out the original (it’s far more accessible than this shit).

Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok (Original Mix) [right click to download]

Saved the best for last once again:
Damn this track keeps me wanting more and more of it. Them almost voicelike snares, sounds like a siren overcoming noise coming from my dad’s DIY collection. This’ll be a favorite of mine for a long time to come…

For all the lovers out there, here’s the Tracklist:

Voltouch intro
Radioclit- Divine Gosa (Kevstar Latin remix)
Tesh and Maccas - van Chaos dans le CBD !
Funkagenda- Afterclub (riva starr remix)
Blaqstarr- Hands up Thumbs Down( High Powered Boys remix)
Golden Girls - Do the Criminal (Barletta Remix)
Bsbtrgdclub- Ancient Tropics
Suzanne Vega- Tom’s Dinner (Bingo Players edit)
NT89 & Distrakt- Pumpin’ (BeatauCue remix)
Brodinski & Noob- Peanut Club
Dakunt- T’a Sourdu (Lorcan Mak remix)
Buraka Som Sistema- Acqui Para Voces (Brodinski Remix)
Steed Lord- Who u with (Sharkslayer remix)
Crystal Fighters- I love London (Lorcan Mak Remix)
Sound Of Stereo- Velcro
Alvaro- Make it Funky (Dj Punish remix)
Boris Dlugosh- Bangkok
Fatboy Slim- Right Here, Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton with love Remix)

So tell me, what you think of Voltouch’s skill, did you like the liveset? Don’t be afraid to comment, we’d appreciate it.

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


PoisonWaffle said...

I'm diggin' Peanut Club. It's funky and has a lot of static noise, but I like the bassline and the rhythm.

All of his samples and sounds that he uses are interesting, though fairly rudimentary. And it looks to me like most of his music is the product of him saying 'Hey, that's a neat sound... what can I do with that?', throwing something together, and tweaking it until it sounds good.

There's nothing wrong with that, though... everyone's gotta start somewhere. He's definitely got a good feel for what he's doing, he just needs to work on his technique.

Good stuff, though. I hope to see more of him in the future :)

Boba said...

I can't stand that Banghok thing... Boris Dlugosh is not good. His Daft Punk remix is poor as well.