Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Phantom's Revenge + Mr. Oizo

Couple of new electro vibes for you today. First up, the new EP from The Phantom's Revenge, "When Mr Hyde Killed Dr Jekyll" is out now on Beatport, featuring the original mix, a halloweenie Justice-style affair, plus a staggering EIGHT remixes. I'm digging Modek's the most.

The Phantom's Revenge - When Mr. Hyde Killed Dr. Jekyll (Modek Remix) [right click to download]

Buy the whole EP on Beatport here.

Parisian Twitter king and headfucker extraordinaire Mr. Oizo gave out a cheeky Missy bootleg as a Christmas gift. Only two and a half minutes long, but I've found that sticking it on repeat and whacking up the volume helps a lot.

Missy Elliott - Lose Control (Mr Oizo Bootleg) [right click to download]

Keep it funky, and welcome to our new members!


Anonymous said...
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Gavin said...

Verr Nice tracks :)

Denzi said...

The drop on the Modek remix is Disssgussssstingly good. Wicked mate.

Ubbs said...

where'd you get that oizo bootleg?

Joe said...

He gave it out on Twitter as a free christmas gift. Although for some reason it was tagged as CHEETAS VOC 1 or something like that, so you might see it circulating the blogs unter the title "Cheetas".