Friday, 11 December 2009

This One Goes Out To The One I Love...

As far as club music goes, R.E.M. isn't exactly something a lot of people would think of. Why would you? They're weird-o rock. But when you have an acapella, you can do anything, and that's exactly what we have here.

Back in May or June, a reader commented that Music Sounds Better With You was the ultimate amshup track, that you could mix anything with it. Well, it seems Signatune is going to be this half of the decade's MSBWY replacement for that category. I guess the next step would be to take MSBWY acapella and slap it on Signatune.

DJ Mehdi Vs. R.E.M. - SignaTo The One I Love [right click to download]

There was a mashup osted earlier that had Phantom by Justice thrown in, and it didn't really fit too well. Redone, same idea, but no Phantom!

The Killers Vs. Deadmau5 - Somebody Told Me N Stuff [right click to download]

Move, groove to the beat. You can be whatcha wanna be.


Nat said...

"I guess the next step would be to take MSBWY acapella and slap it on Signatune."

DO IT ..... DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fairly mindless mashups. Tho I guees that's pretty much the definition of a mashup most of the time... mindless. But they sound good!

prez jordan said...

I like these a lot. Wow. The first really blew my mind.

Mashing it all about ingenuity and the first one proves that.

baxter said...

I love this track Killers vs Deadmau5, however I can't Download it, it just opens up in another tab and plays, can you help?

Kish said...

good mashups :|
i thought they were only a myth