Tuesday, 22 December 2009

This Will Make You Believe

Sometimes, you get to know that Ned Flanders sort of person, you know, very religious.

Thing is, there isnt a lot of electronic music that speaks about religion and related themes.
Fortunately, i heard a track (on a radio) yesterday, that speaks to all religious people.

Now, there are a ton of bands called Zodiac. In discogs, there are 27 different bands/artists with this name. But the one we are interested in is the 10th, a Swedish female duo.

Produced by somewhat renown Swedish producer/remixer Libido, this 1995 track is testament of belief and a wish of finding the holy place.

This track is also absolutely horrible. The fact that it is happy hardcore already makes me cringe, but its hilarious. I cant even describe it properly. Have a listen, but at your own risk.

Zodiac - I Believe (Radio Mix) [right click to download]

But wait, theres more! Libido himself remixed the track! And what he did was turn this happy track into a hardstyle/speedcore track. Imagine that. The so-called "Holy Remix" is indeed holy. It makes me say holy shit at least.

Zodiac - I Believe (Holy Remix) [right click to download]

But theres also a slightly better track in this single. (which btw, was Zodiac's only track ever made, so even they know it was shitty)
The Higher Ground, made by The Puff, turns this track on to a dubstepy/d'n'b-ish track, which actually doesnt sound too bad. But its best for you to give a listen.

Zodiac - I Believe (Higher Ground Remix) [right click to download]

To compensate, have one of the best French House basslines ever.

Patrick Alavi - Power [right click to download]

Thank William Lebreton and his "There's More To Music" show (Mondays 10pm to midnight GMT) on CUR1350 (Cambridge University Radio) for playing this piece of art. And by art, I of course mean shit.


Fetching a shield,


Mr. Brown said...

No good religiously themed songs, who you kidding fool. Drop the hate by Fatboy Slim, House of god by DHS and maybe some more :p And man that Zodiac song was so bad, it turned good (like those funny ass b-movies)

Alex said...

I didnt say they were no good, i just said there werent many.

Funkow said...

One of the best like religious tune def. is some mix of Viola Sykes - You Are Lord. it is soooo sick and soooo rare. sadly dont have it anymore but i spent like 5 hours to find where to get it (or buy it cheaply)

Korbi said...

Ahhhh... my ears!!! i need healing through Mr. Alavi ;D

untra said...

At about 18 seconds into "I believe", I turned it off. It sounded like something basshunter would put out if he had a sex change. Sorry Alex :(

The Patrick Alavi track is pretty groovy though

matt_mattmatt said...

Sam Sparro, Black & Gold.
Sounds like it could be religious and it's a good song in general

Boba said...

89ers - Higher Love
Todd Edwards - Stop The FIghting
Todd Edwards - Rescue
Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
pretty much any of his original tracks have religious themes...

untra said...

hey if you want a great religious themed headbanger, Romanthony's "Hold On" is classic.


Zac said...

power is pretty much an amazing track

Anonymous said...

Patrick Alavi´s "Power" is religion !
A Bassline from Heaven !

Ning said...

It's not technically an electronic track, but that Larry Levan mix of Celestial Choir's "Stand on the World" is an essential religious tune. Also, thanks for the Alavi jam.

patrick alavi said...





William Lebreton said...

The results of googling oneself!
I remember that show, what a classic track that was.
True art. But I'll agree that I've heard better! :P