Friday, 11 December 2009

Time for some shameless promotion from me...

I dont like being a egotist who promotes his music on blogs , especially one I work on. BUT, since a certain member here took my next post idea (not saying any names) and i have nothing else to talk about, i figured: what the hell? So today i'm giving YOU , the listeners, some special mixes i made from me to you. enjoy!

DJ NiteShade - This World is Watching Me on Fire (The Prodigy vs Armin Van Buuren Mashup) [right click to download]

Louis La Roche - Peach (NiteShades Beat Breaker Edit) [right click to download]

DJ NiteShade - The Gifted Legacy (Tron vs Mehdi Mashup) [right click to download]

DJ NiteShade - Summer Mixtape June 2009 [right click to download]

And finally, one of my best (according to youtube):

Daft Punk vs Justice (feat. NiteShade) - Daft Genesis (Eternal Wrath Mix) [right click to download]

Listen to them and let me know what you think.



bplittle said...

The Genesis Mashup is actually my least favourite! Ppl on youtube just respond to the biggest names.

The Tron mashup is sick tho! So much more listenable than the original.
Showed my love for it and the edit of Peach on hypem.

Gavin said...

Thanks for responding and being honest about a mix you dont like without being a douche. Youre like the 2nd person so far to not like the mix. And i never expected people to like that mehdi mix so much!

bplittle said...

Oh I wasn't trying to say I didn't like the Genesis mashup. I was just trying to say that people automatically give preference to big names they know and that given equal opportunity the Tron mashup and Peach reedit take the cake in my mind! They're all well done tho.

Madelaine said...

I think the matter with the Genesis mashup is that you have this over-the-top dramatic opening, but it never really goes anywhere - breaking it down and then bringing it back might be a good thing for it.

That being said, I liked the peach and tron mixes!

prez jordan said...

By the way I really like the Tron and Mehdi mashup. Rearranging helps significantly. This proves that.

samineru said...

The Peach remix is definitely gonna get some airtime on my show (Isolation Chamber) this Monday!

bplittle said...

Don't drink and post kids, especially if you're already a little retarded. you'll sound like an idiot as just proven.