Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Twelves Essential Mix

No need to add anything else, really. Have fun listening to these 2 whole hours of funky beats and grooves.

The Twelves - Essential Mix-SAT-12-18-2009 [right click to download]

Fever Ray — Seven (The Twelves Remix)
The Rapture — Sister Saviour (DFA Dub)
Phoenix — Fences (Accapella)
Cerrone — Look For Love
Kraftwerk — Music Non Stop (Vocoder)
Daft Punk — Da Funk
Glass Candy — Last Night I Met A Costume
LCD Soundsystem — Nike Run (Excerpt)
Yelle — Ce Jeu (The Twelves Remix)
The Chemical Brothers — Music-Response
Mr. Oizo — Two Takes It
D-Train — You're The One For Me
Metric — Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)
Roger Sanchez — Computabank
Chilly — For Your Love
Dynasty — I Don't Wanna Be A Freak
Radiohead — Reckoner (The Twelves Remix)
Siriusmo — Last Dear
Empire of the Sun — Walking On A Dream (Accapella)
Zeigeist — Humanitarianism (The Twelves Remix)
Eddie Tour — Up The Glitter
Gaznevada — I.C. Love Affair
Phoenix — Lisztomania (Accapella)
Groove Armada — Drop The Tough (The Twelves Remix)
Methusalem — Robotism
Gossip — Standing In The Way Of Control (Accapella)
Chromatics — I Want Your Love (The Twelves Remix)
Laid Back — White Horse
Metronomy — Radio Ladio
Sparks — Tryouts For The Human Race
M.I.A. — Boyz (The Twelves Remix)
Daft Punk — Voyager
Indeep — Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Accapella)
The Virgins — Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix)
Fleetwood Mac — Dreams (The Twelves Remix)
In Flagranti — Just Gazing
The Alan Parsons Project — Be Like You (The Twelves Remix)
B.W.H. — Stop
The Chemical Brothers — Block Rockin' Beats
Karen O and the Kids — All Is Love (The Twelves Remix)
Fleet Foxes — Mykonos (The Twelves Remix)
Patrick Alavi — Power
Michael Jackson — Thriller (Instrumental)
Justice — Stress (Siren)
Kano — Ahjia
Mr. Oizo — Gay Dentists
Donna Summer — I Feel Love
Cerrone — Give Me Love
Mr. Oizo — Hun
Chic — Everybody Dance
Coldcut — Timber
Basement Jaxx — Rendez-Vous
Les Rythmes Digitales — From Disco To Disco
Alex Gopher — Motorcycle
Nirvana — All Apologies (The Twelves Remix)
Kraftwerk — Trans Europe Express
Black Kids — I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)
The Rapture — House Of Jealous
Scenario Rock — Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix)
Daft Punk — Aerodynamic
Boys Noize — Arcade Robot
Basement Jaxx — Good Luck (Accapella)
The Beatles — Eleanor Rigby (The Twelves Remix)
The Twelves — Nightvision (Daft Punk)
La Roux — In For The Kill (Twelves Remix)


A more proper post soon,


Ray said...

Dude, I love you.

IvanHombre said...

wow, they can mix the unmixable.

Anonymous said...

this mix is one of the best of the year i need 320 kbps version is ounstanding

prez jordan said...

This is so damn amazing. And took like a minute and a half to download. epic.

Kyle said...

IvanHombre said it the best.

Steroids into Hun for some reason had me hooked.

I'm loving this mix. Contender for best of the year?

Timothée Néron-Bancel said...

This mix is a-ma-zing..i'm speachless.

Best of the year.

Anonymous said...

absolutely legendary. Thank you!

Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra said...


John Rackham said...

Love It ! ..WOW

Janette said...

Ray said it the best:
Dude, I love you.
Thanks so much for sharing this in a normal blog without having to download from Mediafire and all those that are blocked at my office.
Can't wait to listen to it, seems to be amazing.

Anonymous said...


going to see them tonight in zürich.

Anonymous said...

Best 2 hour set EVER!

Aier Sauft said...

This mix is amazing! Pure perfection and flawless in every way. I am at a loss for words, bravo.

JM said...

Just discovered this - love it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting up The Twelves.. cant wait to see them live!

Anonymous said...

This will change lives.

Dirty Pierre said...

I've heard it twice- yet it is timeless...truly a diamond in the rough.

Anonymous said...

One of the best essential mix ever. Why are they so quiet now?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting this amazing mix. I can share this with a new audience!

Anonymous said...

Guys...really. Superb. Just stumbled upon these dudes.
4 years late but still organic lettuce fresh. (320 kbps download would be awesome)