Sunday, 31 January 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different™

While I love house as much as I love bacon (and I f**king LOVE bacon), there is one other genre that holds a special place in my heart. This, my friends, is drum 'n' bass. Specifically, the harmonies of UK DnB group London Elektricity.

With an innovative blend of classic DnB breaks as well as creative and multifaceted sampling, synths to cry over and euphoric melodies, London Elektricity could very easily be called one of the greatest DnB acts ever. Their combination of sampling with live instrumentation is flawless. And their 2003 effort Billion Dollar Gravy is no exception from this formula of sheer amplitude.

London Elektricity - Different Drum [right click to download]

"Different Drum" is a harmonious blend of dystopian synths and tear-inducing vocals. Listening to this makes me envision a society in which entertainment is controlled by the government, allowing only the most mediocre of radio station pop to be played. And somewhere, everywhere around this place there are people who liberate the masses from this blasphemy of music in guerrilla warfare, and march to the beat of a different drum...

...ok, sorry, reading too much into music again. Moving on:

London Elektricity - Syncopated City [right click to download]

"Syncopated City" is a bit less driving, but its glitchy avant-garde rhythm is one to be cherished. If the chirpy synths and go-gettum bass wasn't enough, it's the Todd Edwards-esque chops that drift in and out of the track that make it for me. I want this song played for me when I'm in a coma.

London Elektricity - The Great Drum + Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix) [right click to download]

And finally... The Great Drum and Bass Swindle. The title is a mystery to me. "Life Is Beautiful" would have sufficed, but the given title is a bit more dynamic (titles to expect on this album: "Cum Dancing", "Harlesden", and of course, "Billion Dollar Gravy"). This is one of the first tracks I came across by London Elektricity and it is by far my favorite. The original is pretty ok; this remix is jdsfkajsdfhljasdhfAMAZING. Don't believe me? You have no taste.

If my post seems a bit terse today, it's mainly because a) I'm better at describing house and b) London Elektricity's music pretty much speaks for itself.

What we gonna say,


Champiness said...

Who doesn't love Liquid Funk? Any genre that can create relaxing D&B is a worthy genre in my opinion.

Nite said...

kind of like moby but great

bachelorsofscience said...

We love us some liquid smooth dnb ... check us out ilictronix, following your blog for a while now.