Thursday, 21 January 2010


Look, I'm sorry. I love funk. I can't get enough of it. Since the little arguments erupted in the ShoutBox, I've gotten dozens of emails from people who want more funk. So you know what? Common ground.

I'm going to give you some more popular tracks. Why? Mainstream tracks are crafted to cater to all needs. These tracks are super mastered, and taste good for everyone, I hope. But don't worry boys and girls, you may not have heard all of these. I would never lower myself to posting "pop."

I was driving to school the other day, when a song came on that reminded me of my younger years. This 1999 UK chart-topper is what some consider to be House's greatest creation. While I don't 100% agree, it's still a great track.

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby [right click to download]

Alright, that's probably the most popular track of this post. So that's out of the way. Let's keep going. The next track is one that I honestly hadn't heard until about a year ago. Apparently it's more popular than I had originally thought. Starlight offers a french house sound from the late 90s, but was released in 2001, hitting a modest #2 on the UK singles charts. To my fellow Americans, you probably haven't heard this one. It's good. Real good. A much different taste for the French House lover in you.

Supermen Lovers - Starlight [right click to download]

Onto some good ol' Filter House from the scene that started it all. That's right, the NYC Gay Club/Fashion Scene. What a great track, that has the beautiful futuristic sound that molded the Nu-Disco of today. Bravo.

The Ones - Flawless [right click to download]

And as a bonus, because I love this song so much. It's pretty funky, in a new late 2000s sort of way. The sampling is dance-tacular, and the spun-up vocals makes you forget the original came from the same guys who once shouted "I said a-hip hop, the hibby to the hip hip hoppy you don't stop the rockin'." <3

Moulinex - Lover In Me [right click to download]

Enjoy, and get dancin'


Aidz said...

yeah Madison Avenue, I usually see their video on TV back in the days

Wulf said...

Best. Post. EVER.

David said...

Ahhhhh this is great!
More funky and filter house please! :)

Nat said...

heard'em all ... luv'em all

Nat said...

P.S. we need more funk .... for the love of funk

I support you wholeheartedly

Paul said...

Wow! Have most of them but forgot about Flawless! Moulinex is very underrated. Their remix of WhoMadeWho's "I Lost My Voice" is sick and disease-ridden and so is "Lover in Me".

Boba Fettuccini said...

I have an acapella for Flawless if anyone wants it

Gymtonic said...

Don't Call Me Baby has to be one of my fave tracks, love it!!!

Joe said...

Don't forget, pop music is what funky house is fundamentally based on.

Attack Yourself! said...

I wouldn't mind that acapella of Flawless if you've got it Boba :)

Nat said...

umm i remembered hearing Flawless for the first time as a rather chillout track from a certain compilation ... either early MOS Chillout Session or Hotel Costes ... the question is, which version is the original?