Friday, 29 January 2010

EP Review: Danger - 09/17 2007

If you are thinking: "Is this EP II that has been announced as "coming soon" on his Myspace for years?", then you are mistaken.
This is not EP II, but to be honest, who cares? It just means there's more Danger coming out eventually.

People started to know this was coming out quite late. When an artist is going to release a new single or album, they usually announce it some 2+ months before its out, and start promoting them on social networks and stuff.
I first heard of this some 2-3 weeks before it came out and it was by mere accident.

But anyway, off we go.

A1 4h30
A2 3h11
B1 3h16
B2 4h30 (Riot Kid remix)
B3 4h30 (Oliver $ remix)

To start we have 4h30.

Starting off with a very dark and moody intro, it goes to a very, very catch bassline and a beat.
For the first minute or so, it looks like its confined to a certain frequency, to a certain sound, but the drop at 1:06 starts to break that wall and at 1:22 that wall is completely destroyed, and letting the track evolve and be the monstrosity that it is.

After the second breakdown, it takes a bit of a clubbier route, but it is still an absolutely brilliant track to listen to.

Also, notice the use of a TR-808, mainly the rimshot and cowbell, a constant in this EP.


Next up, it's 3h11.

This is my least favourite, but that doesn't mean its bad, it just means that the other 2 are better.

This time after another classic-like intro, we kick things off mith more 808-ness which goes on to a cool beat.
My problem with this track is the synth used in the beggining of the track itself, which becomes the background synth afterwards. I don't like the sound of it.
Apart from that, its an ok track, with some cool 16-bit sounds put in and is a track you'd probably hear as a soundtrack for a late 80's action game.


The last of the originals is 3h16.

This one is an absolute banger. Just from the previews i heard on Youtube i thought it was great and now with the whole track on my hands, it is mind-blowing.

The intro isnt as long as the others, and when it ends, it turns into something else.

A killer beat altercates with a somewhat dubstep/fidget styled bassline, but taken to another level.

The breakdown is very calm and soothing, but it doesnt last long, and after some 20 seconds we are back to this insanity of a beat and bassy goodness.

I can imagine a video for this track. I imagine someone running away from something and jumping around trying to escape, and the calm bit being a moment where the fugitive finds a place to rest, only to be caught.


Now, the remixes. We start off with Riot Kid's remix of 4h30.

This is a good track, if you want to introduce Danger to your idiot friends who like David Guetta and Pitbull.
It has a somewhat Ibiza style beat, but never losing the originals dark feel.
I like it, and its good for those parties full of posers, morons and shit.


And now Oliver $' remix of 4h30.

Don't like it. It has no elements from the original and it goes nowhere, even though its 6:36 long.

I dont even like this as an original track. F.O.O.L had a much better take at this.


To sum it up, it really is an EP to listen in the city at night as the cover suggests, and it is a more grown up and mature work and really want to hear whatever he has instored for us next, be it an album or another EP.

Final score: 7/10 (would've been 8 or 8,5, if it wasnt for the Oliver $ remix)

Now to show you what i mean:

Danger - 3h16

Danger - 4h30 (Riot Kid Remix) [right click to download]


To protect and entertain,


Walnut said...

i'm sorry , but am i the only one who thinks giving fraction scores to things is lame?

Alex said...

Well i have to rate this somewhow.

Nite said...

Nice post alex. But a 7 out of 10? The Oliver $ Mix is terrible but surely this EP cant be barely passing the grade system?

Walnut said...

Nite just proved my point ;)

Boba Fettuccini said...

This EP blows, IMO. It's boring to listen to, has no feeling, and it's just so soulless. Bring back the EP I sound, THAT was fun listening.

Sebon said...

So I ordered the vinyl on January 27th through the labels website. It's been almost a month and it hasn't come yet and I had to pay $25 for it...


I must be the ONLY person who likes the Oliver $ remix, I swear.

I use it my sets all the time, and it gets great response. It is something I ALWAYS drop.

Easy to mix in, easy out, and I can hear elements of 4h30 throughout the track.