Monday, 11 January 2010

Florian Senfter


So, Florian Senfter is an interesting guy right? He managed to escape the tractor beam of producing a late 90's mega hit, he always seems to look really startled, and -
of course - he has several pseudonyms.

Zombie Nation

This is the big one. Most well known for the hit 'Kernkraft 400', he produces some great (and often unpredictable) stuff. Check out
this post for the rundown on his 2009 album, Zombielicious.

Alright, Forza is an obvious choice, and this is a little different to the album version.

Zombie Nation - Forza (Alternate Version) [right click to download]

Zombie Nation - Mystery Meat Affair [right click to download]

And, for the sake of having a solid overview. (No Zombie Nation post is complete without it!)

Zombie Nation - Kern Kraft 400 [right click to download]

(This is low quality, but do you really need to download it again?)

Also, note this post for some extra information, including an interesting insight into the origins of 'Kern Kraft 400'.

John Starlight

This one is interesting. I actually didn't realise that they were the same person until I was ripping these tracks and decided to do a little research while I waited. I haven't seen these anywhere else, and the original release on Art of Perception is now a little hard to find, so enjoy.


John Starlight - Blood Angels [right click to download]


John Starlight - The Ultimate Human Fighting Machine [right click to download]

Also, in case those titles look familiar, the release on AoP was one of a multi-part series of techno records themed around Warhammer 40 000. Really.


The collaboration with Tiga. Two great EPs. Not nearly enough.

ZZT - Lower State Of Consciousnes (Original Munich Version) [right click to download]

ZZT - The Worm (Original Munich Version) [right click to download]


Mr. Brown said...

I'm gonna fix the zombielicious post later today especially for you... trying to erase the reckoning bit by bit

prez jordan said...

haha i dont think phil knows what the reckoning is :P

Phil said...

Whatever it is, it sure sounds ominous.

Phil said...

Oh for crying out loud. For some reason I thought you'd posted 'Mystery Meat Affair' in the review and not 'Radio Controlled'. I'll swap them in my post a little later.

Mr. Brown said...

Here's the tale of something so awfull, so devious and above all so devastating, it became known in history as... THE RECKONING: When ilictronix was just a small blog, the staff had to overcome many obstacles. One of them was the following: where can we keep all these gems we share with the world? At first we found refuge in free internet safeplaces, but these didn't suffice to keep the evergrowing hungry treasureseekers of the interweb satisfied, leading to shortcomings once a month... As the blog grew larger and traffic kept increasing a noble man gave us the opportunity to keep our songs hidden in some safe haven on his server. But this noble man soon turned out to be a childish bastard, filled with greed and jealousy. When the team reached a new hight in fan count and download traffic, the scoundrell deleted all our hard work, all our gathered treasures in one giant sweep. We all thought ilictronix was no more, untill a knight in shining armor named prez gave us an even greater treasure chest to keep our gems for ever and ever... This day will for ever be known as "the reckoning".

Mr. Brown said...

And both my zombie nation posts are fixed, btw Phil, if you feel like it, you can always link to for the small bio on Florion and the kernkraft sampling, seeing that your posting of the actual song complements it perfectly. Do your magic

Deej said...

Funny thing, ZZT is also the name of an old ASCii based game creation utility. o/'

Phil said...

Done. It now links to all the relevant posts with no repeat tracks.

rooftop elevator said...

please don't write this small in serifed fonts it's almost impossible to read

Gavin said...

Boys Noise Rock