Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Greetings From Riviera

After yesterday, you folks look like you need a serious palette cleanser. Luckily Prez Jordan's here for you, and he's brought some french house.

Greetings From Riviera is a Double Vinyl Compilation set under the Riviera label, and at 8 tracks, it is some of the funkiest French House I've ever heard. Coming from the 1999 French house scene, you'll find these tracks sound extraordinarily similar to Vertigo records. They are a bit funkier, however, which is always a good thing.

Instead of posting the whole set, I'll post my four favorites, because in all honesty - the other four are practically elevator music. But they're good for the background. The following stood out the most for me.

Let's kick things off with some Paul Johnson. Known more under the Crydamoure label, PJ really let loose on Greetings From Riviera, finally giving me a song that I didn't want to skip immediately. What Ever You Do is light, fun, and just a break of fresh air.

Paul Johnson - What Ever You Do [right click to download]

I wish I knew where the title of this next track came from, but I don't really care all that much. It happens to be my favorite on the album because to me, this track most exemplifies the French House style. It cuts up, has a sweet funk sample, which I'm almost positive is from an old Zapp & Roger jam, and has a great structure. This one aims to please.

Kamaro - A Little Touch Of Fat [right click to download]

Mike 303 delivers more of a Pop sound with this next track, and makes great use of the classic French House vacuum-pump-through-a-straw filter. While this one can be a bit repetitive, I found the drum beat to quite balancing, and the samples were pretty well placed. You'll find the song develops more towards the 1:30 mark.

Mike 303 - Things Never Change [right click to download]

And lastly, we'll finish off with some exotic sounding French House. To me, this really doesn't sound French, but it's still pretty good. It doesn't have traditional FH drum beats, nor the constant cutting of a traditional French House track. I could just be rambling here, but it's overall a pretty great track. Not too much I can say about it, but the sample was pretty relaxing, but still energetic and positive-sounding.

Louis Botella - Sundays [right click to download]

So Greetings From Riviera is straight up amazing, and I recommend you all order the set, or try and track down some mp3s (good luck :P). Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you look forward to more of my French House posts to come.



Anonymous said...

I don't speak English but I learn a lot with your page.

¡Thanks for your work! :D

Boba Fettuccini said...

Mike 303 is a member of Superfunk. It's really easy to hear the similarities in production style, most noticeably the phaser effect.

Wulf said...

Things Never Change SUCCCCKKSSSSS! Original Shalamar is much much much better.

Otherwise, da funk. It has been brought.

funkaf said...

Riviera is sik label, yop notch

untra said...

The Whatever you Do track has a backbeat that sounds similar to Junior Jacks "My Feeling". Anyone else notice this?

Wulf said...

"WEYD" sounds closer to Revolution 909 than My Feeling to me.

Melody-wise that chord progression is deceptive. The track sampled was "One More Time" by Sister Sledge, but similar progressions can be found in Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love and Odyssey - Native New Yorker. Maybe the sample can be found there, who knows?

untra said...

I was thinking more of that chord riff from weyd matched with the first few seconds of My Feeling. Just listen to WEYD and then listen to junior jack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWudSNn13v0

Uncanny, no?
Im not sure which came first though, as they were both released in 1999. That Paul Johnson is pretty sharp though, and any guy who wins himself the first mention in Daft Punks Teachers is pretty groovy in my book.

chit said...

lol for SURE Johnson sampled the same song. just check out release dates and we will know if Junior Jack ripped off another sample again

Anonymous said...

been looking for this for ages...that kamaro track is pure juggernaut city.

Erick Brian said...

THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING. I lost this album when I was mugged and jumped in San Bernardino, CA back around 2000-2001 by 4 punk ass kids. This album was in my create when they took it, and I've never been able to recover it, but I'm so happy to have found some tracks online and glad you posted some downloadable ones.Thank you so much.

-Erick Brian