Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hellooooo Gamers

Breaking free from the traditional "music" thing, I've decided to make a quick announcement. I love gaming, and quite frequently I wish I were part of a community where I could just play pickup games whenever I wanted...

So I started the Steam Ilictronix Gaming Community. If you have a PC, and you like to game on it, using Steam, please join our group. We do have a public tag [ILX], but I don't know if it will ever catch on :P

So anyway, sorry if you were expected something else... but get out there and join our steam group! We'll be playing pickup games frequently and such, it'll be good fun.



Colour said...

Lololol, I'm a member of a few gaming communities... But I don't like games all that much. Haha.

Work that out.

- Colour.

Deej said...

I have a PC… somewhat anyways… but no Steam. I'd so love to get into playing TF2 that wasn't on the barren 360 servers without the fun updates.

Joe said...

TF2 ftw.

asdfffdsa said...

Played a little bit of TF2, but I'm more of a TFC guy.

I'll be sure to join, though.