Friday, 22 January 2010

Product Review: T'nB Music Trend Stars Earphones

First of all, no, these were not sent to me. I bought them with my own money.

Last Monday my old Ifrogz Crew earphones broke (well, the left one did), which meant i had to go out and buy a new pair of earphones.

The next day, armed with €18 (about $25 or £15), and after looking on some websites for in-ear earphones for my amount of money, i bought these.

The T'nB Music Trend Stars (or Esstar, for short) cost me €17 and sounded very promissing on paper. Here are the specs:

• Impedance: 32 Ohms.
• Frequency range: 18 - 21 000 Hz.
• Sensitivity: 106 dB SP.Lat 1KHz.
• Max. input power: 60 mW.
• Connector: gold 3.5 mm jack.
• Cable length: 120 cm

All of these specs were better than my old Ifrogz. So, obviously, i thought, "Oh great, these will rock!"

Got home, unboxed them and when i put them on, i noticed that the silicon buds didnt fit on my ear properly, even though they came with the small buds on.
So, i had to put the buds from the Ifrogz and after a small frequency test on Youtube, i fired up my MP4 to play some tunes.

The result: Massive dissapointment. Here is a list of all the wrong things with them:

- They stick out too much.
- When you put them on, or touch them when they are on the ears, your wax makes a very loud crackling noise, which i had never heard before.
- You try to adjust the left one, and it blocks your ear and becomes a earplug.
- They dont isolate sound. I could easily hear the cars passing by and people talking on the bus.
- And even though they say it has "XTREM BASS", you can't feel it.
- The mids are way too high, playing Louis La Roche's Malfunction was very irritating on my ears.
- The higher pitches standout way too much.
- When you adjust them, the sound changes. (sometimes its a bit more hollow, other times its not bad)
- The right one seems to work better than the left one.
- To get a proper stereo sound, i had to put the left earphone on my right ear and vice-versa.
- And as you can see by the pic, it has some gay looking stars in the side of them. (even though i was aware of this when i bought them, i thought i could just scrape them off. Turns out they are cut through the paint)

The only good thing about these earphones were the wires. Nice and thick meant good resistance, and they were painted with gloss paint, which makes them slide better on your clothes when you are wearing them under a shirt or a jacket. (like i do)

With all these negative aspects, i just had to return them and get my money back. I cant stand having bad earphones with me and now im saving for a pair of earphones from a brand i actually trust, because, apart from the shop where i bought them, these earphones were only available in Hungary and France.

In conclusion, do not buy these T'nB Esstar's. In fact, i wouldnt recommend you to buy anything at all from this brand.

Final result: 2/10

To compensate, a track from our old writer Kevin, that got lost in the reckoning:

ohGr - Water [right click to download]




prez jordan said...

you could've gotten em for free if you wanted :P

Alex said...

Probably wont get anything for free from them, after this bashing. :P

Deej said...

Yeah, I can't wear any earbuds unless they're a specific style of Koss wraparounds. I think they're called 'clippers' now and they don't give me massive headaches like the inner ear buds or jelly wraparounds do.

JonWed said...

I always have problems with my earphones...I can't figure out why :D