Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sunday on Shuffle #1 - 1/3/10

Some traditions are meant to be kept and some are meant to die. This one will, I hope, be one of the former.

Sunday is a notoriously slow day for posts, so here is what I propose: Every Sunday I will kick my feet back, put my Samsung mp3 player on shuffle and rock to the glorious sounds of house, electro and all that lies beyond...

...oh, and post the tracks here for you guys to listen too. :p

So here we go!

Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid [right click to download]

Oooh, this is a good one. In glorious 320 is "Nervous Acid" from 1990. This here is acid house at its finest, folks. (New years resolution: Listen to more acid house.) Dunno why it's called 'nervous' but I can totally picture villains concocting deliciously evil plans to this track. Mr. Konders produces reggae now, which is a shame in my opinion.

Super Mal And Phonat - Pixelated [right click to download]

And we return to 2009 with a track to make retinas around the world tear. As heard on LLR's Mixtape 7, the full version of this track is a heroic electro track with dystopian 8-bit synths and screaming vox to render hearts everywhere unable to speak words other than "whoa". Having just watched Nine by Tim Burton I can fully say it's a save-the-world-from-destruction kind of track.

Bob Sinclar - Ultimate Funk [right click to download]

Ahh, I love a good finisher. From Bob Sinclar's seminal album Paradise comes this bombshell of a house track. Starting with the cry of "I gotta go to Chicago!", this track absolutely does not let up for a whole five and a half minutes. Say what you want about Bob Sinclar today (Rock This Party et al.) but ten years ago he produced some awesome french house. If the rockin-shockin' vocals and "Super Sperm" bassline don't make you want to shake that junk, you have a problem and you need to check yourself into a free clinic ASAP.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go bake cookies. It's Sunday, after all.

Ta ta for now,


Colour said...

Nice idea Wulf! It will be good to brighten up those quiet Sundays with some random goodies.

Oh, and what type of cookies? Haha.

Wulf said...

Walnut tassies.

untra said...

That bob sinclair track is pretty funky!

DJ K2 said...

Good post.