Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday on Shuffle #2 - Yeah Baby It Feels So Good

For this week's edition of Sunday on Shuffle, my mp3 player decided to throw me two tracks by the same artist, Busta Funk. Busta Funk is a collaboration between Gaël Queffurus and Lou Valentino specializing in funky and sensual french house. The first track is no exception:

Busta Funk - Black Sugar [right click to download]

The unabashedly sexy vocal, delicate yet powerful 909s and a rhythm sample to make Isaac Hayes cry makes this track cut like a hot knife into a corpse (...what? Fine, a stick of butter). Many will say their baby-making-music-of-choice is hip-hop, smooth jazz or Metallica, but this ranks up there with Sexual Healing in terms of sexyness.


Busta Funk - Back To The Old School [right click to download]

This track isn't as outwardly sensuous, but makes up for it with a driving 909 and some creative sampling. Rap samples and house music are always a welcome an awesome combination, it seems. And Busta Funk's amazing combo skills are well-appreciated.

Both of these tracks were found on Funkadelicious compilations, which I will undoubtedly post more of in the future.

One track I don't have but greatly want is "Funky Cops". Despite its highly kitschy video...'s a smooth and crisp track that makes me relive my trip to San Francisco this past summer.

Going back to the old school,

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Here said...

In fact that's not a music video, it's a french cartoon

The music was made by DJ abdel and bustafunk, the show was creepy (ok i was young so it was kinda cool !) but the music was delicious.

You'll maybe be able to find it if you search for Funky cops OST on amazon or something like that.

Hope it will help you.