Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A La Mode

"Prez, I know you guys have been posting lots of classics lately, but how about more modern hits? What's bangin the dance charts nowadays?" - P.

I figured I could take a step away from my beloved classics for a minute or so. We all know most modern dance music is equivalent to most modern art, but hey, some of it's catchy. Now I'm a funk type of guy, so posting this stuff is REALLY branching out.

To sum everything up, remixes, so far, have been "in" for 2010. Everyone's collaborating and cranking out some pretty decent pop remixes, including Fred Falke's lackluster Tik Tok remix. Did I mention Ke$ha = Uffie? Cuz she does. I said it.

Let's kick things off with Inna. Now that 75% of you have stopped reading, hello my dedicated readers! To sum it up, Inna is a Romanian dance-pop star (yeah I don't know where Romania is either). But the first track comes from Play & Win, a Romania dance trio that frequently mixes Inna dance-floor tracks. This one's actually quite catchy, and has been featured on Sirius BPM (Channel 36) a hell of a lot recently.

Inna - Hot (Play & Win Club Version) [right click to download]

Next, a slammin' Rihanna mix. I'm not the biggest fan of her work, but goddamn is she versatile. Many of the remixes for her new album, Rated R, are simply incredible. Jody Den Broeder's take on the less-than-popular "Hard" is pretty damn good, albeit a bit slow-moving in the beginning (which seems to be a trend this year). It sounds popular, because it is, expect to cross oceans in the next few weeks. I'm so hard.

Rihanna feat. Jeezy - Hard (Jody Den Broeder Remix Edit) [right click to download]

And lastly, let's go over a remix of Queens-Native Lucas Prata's Remember, which has only recently made it to the dance charts in the US. Prata is mainly known for his work being featured in dozens of commercials, and he covered that Numa Numa song :P. He's pretty well-known in the states, but for some reason this remix stayed in Europe for quite some time.

Lucas Prata - Remember (Giuseppe D. Tune Adiks Remix) [right click to download]

So that's it for "Today in Dance." I hope you enjoyed, and if not, at least you know what's going on around you.



Chill EE Mack said...

It's about time that someone says something about Ke$ha being like Uffie!! They both suck!! Get them off the radio and albums!!! Sorry, had to get that off my chest. In regards to Rhianna, I really can't stand her either. She only has one vocal range, annoying. I said it.

Joe said...

Ke$ha's not just like Uffie. She is like EVERYTHING ELSE too. Everything about her is completely fabricated, cut her open and she bleeds pure unoriginality.

Mr. Brown said...

I feel it's my duty once again to step up for Uffie's sake. I absolutely hate Ke$ha's and Rihanna's voice... Uffie might be just as unoriginal as Ke$ha, but at least she has een interesting thing going with her voice. Don't fire me please, had to react.

prez jordan said...

No, no, it's fine. Uffie was first. She started the style. Ke$ha even copied her voice.

Deej said...

Eesh, no offense, but this is more reason I keep away from modern music. <_< Modern rock is meh, and this stuff… makes me want things I know will be good.

Chill EE Mack said...

Let's start a ban on people who can't sing period!! I nominate the following:

Uffie (even though she was the first, so that makes her original)
Britney (Yea, I said it!!)

Mr. Brown said...

I nominate douchebag Kanye

Anonymous said...

Shit Shit Shit

Colour said...

** Course Language, Do Not Read If You Are Liek 12 Or Do Not Like 'Naughty' Words, Even If They Are The Truth. **

I have to give Uffie a bit of credit for Justice's 'The Party'. And Ke$sha's a whore because she's friends with Paris Hilton and Nicole Riche. And i'm sure P-Diddy doesn't wake up in the morning feeling like a dirty slut.

There I said it. Sorry for the language.

Anonymous said...

When i heard tik tok on the radio for the first time i asked the person next to me, is this Uffie? I was surprised and laughed when i got a reply: "No, it's some tard who has a dollar sign in her name."

Tim said...

Am I the only one that hears Kylie "Love At First Sight" in the Ke$ha song? It's the only reason it caught my attention and kept it.