Friday, 12 February 2010

Lets Get Pumped!

Sup fellow Blog Readers? Its Nite again just coming up with a good post to keep you pumped and partying all nite long! (pun intended haha) Alright, jokes aside, lets begin.

I will openly admit this to you: I am not a fan of rap, especially gangsta rap. i cant stand all the illegible lyrics that promote racism and violence in those.As for the rest,i just don't care much for it,for it just sounds mediocre to me.You got the point. I never thought i would ever like M.I.A at all so when i saw DJ Mehdi's Remix of Rye Rye's track, Rock Off Shake Off (yes, it features M.I.A) I scoffed and thought it would be meh.

I was wrong. so so very wrong.

The beats are bangin. The Synths are bangin. Hell, the vocals are banging. This tune just blew me away. You will f***ing love this track. This just goes to prove there is NOTHING DJ Mehdi cant mix... well almost (sorry uffie) Probably the biggest surprise for me yet this year. Enjoy it

Rye Rye (Feat M.I.A) - Rock off Shake off (DJ Mehdi and Staygold Remix) [right click to download]

Here are some others you should enjoy:

Cassius - Cassius 1999 (Long Version Remix) [right click to download]

Justice vs Beastie Boys - Waters of Intergalactic (DJ Alive Mix) [right click to download]

DJ Hell - Hellracer [right click to download]



Joe said...

Oh come on. Not all rap is shit.

Walnut said...

I'm not trying to be mean, but those first two paragraphs make me want to stop reading this blog. Seriously. I'm not joking.
How can you write for a music blog and call rap "a bunch of words that make no sense at all with a basic drum beat and basic synths to go with it"?

Nite said...

i apologize if i insulted anybody and i dont think all of it is bad. also its an opinion. if you dont like it, dont sweat it. im entitled to think whatever. and i shouldve put american gangsta rap. i'll rewrite it as it may have been offensive to some people.

Nite said...

Fixed and by the way, i do like rap,but none of the genres of today.My kind is classic and soulful, kind of like gorillaz-esque,(not hip-hop though i like that quite a bit) if you can understand. once again i apologize. Also, i am not the only writer here who doesnt care for rap to be honest.

Walnut said...

just reread it, much clearer!

knos said...

Thanks man, have been searching for a 320 extended version of 1999 for about a year now!

Anonymous said...

been looking for the long 99 remix for AGES