Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wayback Wednesday

Agggggh hello all. I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I'd like to say I've been busy but I really haven't. Take these amazing old-school house tracks as my apology. :D

Let's take a trip back to *checks Discogs* 1988...

Information Society - Lay All Your Love On Me (Restricted Mix) [click to download]

Yes, ABBA covers are cheesy as all hell, but the synthwork on here is acid beyond belief. This is closer to where house started, if you can believe it; hard, grinding beats; hydrochloric synth and bass; powerful if dull at times vocals; gratuitous uncredited sampling. This one may have been waaaay forgotten, but it holds a special place in my Freestyle/Early House vinyl collection. (Hopefully this one is less crackly ^^;)

Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else (Hurley's House Mix) [click to download]

Moving ahead two years, Black Box delivers just one of (I'm sure) thousands of vocal house stompers which were emerging at the time. Martha Wash's deliciously sexy (and uncredited) vocals overshadow everything else in this track. I tried sampling the acappella once, but this is truly a track that cannot be touched.
(Side note: anyone know where the "come on come on" vocals are from? I know I've heard them before.)

Mc Sar & The Real McCoy - Run Away (Powerhouse Mix) [click to download]

And the grand finale: simply one of the most powerful dance tracks of the 90s. The Real McCoy is even more cheesy than the cheese ABBA eats with their Swedish crepes or whatever. Yes, this track is practically the stereotypical 90s darksynth eurodance smasher. And you know what? I couldn't care less. I rediscovered this track a few days ago and within minutes I was dancing (nay, fist-pumping) in front of my mirror. If this does not make you get up and shake your shit, you're clearly a quadriplegic.

Oh whoa oh oh,


Anonymous said...

The "come on" vocals? Epic chune this one.

kurmidt said...

ahhhh gotta love martha wash, u know their sophomore album is actually not bad, katrin can actually sing and they even credit martha!

also, i have that carry on song credited as martha wash's.