Saturday, 6 March 2010

Album Review: 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I have a treat for you loyal blog fans out there. I am going to do an album review on Dark DJ's new album,2010. If anyone of you out there is scoffing, stop now. This album is quite epic, and i don't say that often, as i try to be a critcal as i can when i listen to songs. However, 2010 is by far leagues from what dark dj used to be, and it shows. you'll hear it later, but for now, on to the review.

First off we have Craptastic:
This song has a warpish like intro, then just starts building up on to it with layers of beats to go with it. Not my personal favorite, but its very nice. 8.25/10.

Don't Care (yes that is the songs name):
How can I explain? Its different from the first song in respect, and better. It has a more electronic-ambient feel to it, yet seems very upbeat.9/10.

257 Squadron:
Probably the odd bunch of the tracks. It has that generic rap-like noise, but it has beats to make this track solid. At first it may not appeal to you, but then it goes into a electronic-trancish feel later on.Pretty good really, just that it can get a bit annoying.7.5/10.

Now this track is really cool. It has a real dark feel to it, one that would make you just jam at a club. Its one of my top favorite tracks on here. 10/10.

Alter Ego:
This track seems to have almost a 8-bit/Danger-esque feel to it. Reminds me of Atari games, and that's a good thing. 8.75/10.

Why Should I?:
This song HEAVILY derives from a well-known track,but im not going to tell you, as i wan't you to guess it. However, It does have a certain style only Dark DJ can give it. I absolutely love this song. 10/10.

Quite an interesting track. It has a strange feel to it, but it doesnt leave you feeling bleh. Rather, it gives you a pumped feel. 9.0/10.

This one is probably the only black sheep in the album. i think it just sounds too weird.
7.25/10. nuff said.

This one is quite good actually. It has a good beat. the synths are quite nice and not too whiny like monster. But it can be rather strange. You may need to have an acquired taste for it. 8.25/10.

This.Track.Is. INSANE! By far my favorite track of this album. This track is really just too hard to describe. Its well-made and has a club appeal potential inside it. 10/10.

Bizarre is the only way to explain it. Still, I like it. 8/10.

True Fax:
Not really the best track to end such an epic album. Its an acquired taste really, one of which i dont have for this song. meh 7/10.

Pros: The songs have a flare in them and mainly all of them are worth listening to without skipping. Plus, some of them are club worthy.

Cons: Few of the tracks are weak, and some of them can get just way too weird.

Final Score:8.75/10

Well Done,Dark. You have impressed me greatly :)

Now for a few tracks from the album:

Dark DJ - Why Should I [click to download]

Dark DJ - 19 [click to download]

Dark DJ - Alter Ego [click to download]

Dark DJ - Bellerophon [click to download]

Stay fresh,kids.


P.S.: I forgot about the link to the album! You can get 2010 HERE! Thanks for reminding me Untra!


untra said...

Damn! These are fantastic! But why isn't their a download link to the full album anywhere?

Dark DJ said...

Thanks for the review, niteshade. I appreciate this, sorry that It has taken so long for me to proporly thank you, have been very busy this weekend. Apology accepted, old friend? =/

Nite said...

its cool Dark :P. Oh and can you guys please talk about the SONGS not the artwork?

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaay to much sidechain

Walnut said...

what's the difference between a 7.5 and 7.25?

Walnut said...

to clarify, what is .25 of a point, musically speaking?

Nite said...

.25 of a point musically speaking, means its just above borderline on the rate level. I like to do quarter points, as im sort of OCD about that stuff :P