Friday, 19 March 2010


I have a friend named Tom who, though he lives in Colorado, always manages to find the most crazy and lovely European songs for my consumption. Since we've been slower than Sean Penn in I Am Sam this weekend, enjoy some Euro tunes plucked straight from the cafes of Montmartre.
(Warning: cheese ahead.)

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir [click to download]

This one is old, but its sheer hilarity value makes it post-worthy. Originally a diss track aimed at French rapper Cuizinier, Yelle's track combines French electropop production with scandalous vocals that would make a sailor blush (sample: "Tes performances olympiques / Mais tu nas rien dorgasmique" -- roughly translated: "Your sexual performances are olympic but you don't orgasm"). Yelle has a kind of Uffie meets Lady Sovereign flair which I actually kind of dig, even if her screeching vocals irritate the soul. Overall, French electro-rap doesn't get better than this. (Wait, nevermind.)

Frou Frou - Let Go [click to download]

Moving on to England we have Frou Frou, a duo of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth. Imogen Heap is best known for her track "Hide and Seek" and the various atrocities which spawned from it. However, Mrs. Heap is a prolific producer who is no stranger to electronic production. "Let Go" is no exception, with its minimal jungle beat and synth-heavy melody. It's a beautiful trip into British electroclash (note: remind me to do a post on British electroclash later).

Bjork - Human Behaviour (Le French Touch) [click to download]

Finally, on to Iceland where we meet Bjork. Everyone who even remotely listens to electronic music should be a fan of Bjork. Her production is flawless and her style is breathtaking--she's like a European Lady Gaga. Though she has many well-known tracks of her own ("Hyperballad", "Joga", "It's Oh So Quiet", "Army of Me"), this remix of her 1994 track "Human Behaviour" by none-other-than Dimitri from Paris is stunning. This is an ilictronix exclusive, folks, so enjoy it.

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prez jordan said...

Isn't Je Veux Te Voir about porn?

Korbi said...

"Je Veux Te Voir" reminds me of "20 Fingers - Don't Want No Short"

Here said...

@Prez : Basically the song is about making fun of Cuizinier that claim to "hit any girl he wants" in his songs, in the song she ask him to make porn, so everybody can laugh at him.

Being more serious now, WTF ? Comparing Bjork with Lady jeezthatsonehellofanoseyouvegotthere gaga ? Even on the "extravagant" side, bjork is unic, lady gaga is just another gwen stephany lookalike.

bloop said...

i agree with Here, bjork is actually insane.

prez jordan said...

That Frou Frou song is beautiful.

JB said...

Frou Frou is from 2002, m i rite?

Kris.G said...

@JB, yeah Frou Frou only existed from 02-03. But I love this song. I believe I was first introduced to it from "Garden State"

brodi said...

Frou Frou is awesome. First heard on the soundtrack to Garden State!
Awesome movie, awesome soundtrack :)

taraleigh said...

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PetrPie said...

I have to say, compare to Lady Gaga to Bjork is common faux pas. :-)