Sunday, 14 March 2010

I Feel Brand New Again!

"Prez, what are some nu-disco tracks/artists you can recommend? Thanks"

Sure, why not! Unfortunately, I have a pretty weird definition of "nu-disco." I realize it characterizes the newer style of French House, but I take it a little broader than that. Allow me to explain.

Old School Reunion is smooth, funky, and all over the place at times. Adding in a little LeBatman makes it that much more entertaining. I love this track - wish I had the original, though. Can't find the damn thing anywhere.

Old School Reunion - Lovestory (LeBatman Remix) [click to download]

Next, I've written about The Phantom's Revenge quite a bit. Hell, I've even interviewed him. Anyway, he recently sent me a bunch of music in 320 (thank heavens for no longer having myspace rips). Anyway, here are two of my favorites that haven't been posted here. I think the second one has, but not in 320.

The Phantom's Revenge - Money Money Money Rework [click to download]

The Phantom's Revenge - French Cheese Funk [click to download]

And lastly, Poka. I've also interviewed him. My personal favorites from him are his Galaxie Comete Records tracks, but you be the judge. This is one of my top 10 favorite tracks ever.

Poka - My Love Is Here To Stay [click to download]

So that about does it, I'll be posting way more of this stuff in the future. It's our little way of keeping up to date with music, without posting shitty radio music.



Mr. Glass M. said...

for the original

Deej said...

Think this is a first that I've saved all songs in a posting that didn't happen to be by the same musician…

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sophialoren said...

I am always up for a thoughtful discussion like this.

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kurmidt said...

"more like this" is definitely what i need ;-)