Friday, 5 March 2010

I... I wanna Mm Mm I

So I was walking down the street, chillin', as you do, when who should walk up behind me but Donald Duck?

He had a few words to say to me, and they were

The Lawyer - I Wanna MMM [click to download]

Patrick Alavi has really gotten around a fair amount in his 15 or so years of producing, and he's gone under several other pseudonyms and cranked out some really cranking awesome house with some powerful vocal samples.

Dolphin Collins - Magic [click to download]

He's totally rockin' the Eddie Money samples here.

The Awaited - Believe In Me [click to download]

Evil Stereo never finished this one. It was supposed to be a fake Together track for April Fools Day. He kinda scrapped it, but here's a demo clip.

Evil Stereo - Remember (Unfinished Demo) [click to download]

Attack Yourself! has always mystified me about how he rose up in the house community so very fast in relation to people like myself and Evil Stereo. Just POOF and he was there, putting out disco house and using the strangest graphical elements ever. Anyway, the Popcop remix of his track Far Away is simply brilliant!

Attack Yourself! - Far Away (Popcop Remix) [click to download]

And Starlifters is a pretty cool group too. Their Rockelectro EP was like a combo of French House and a bit of crunchy synthbased electro. This one is definitely one of my favorites.

Starlifters - The Legacy [click to download]

One more guys, just for kicks. New Yorks Battle in 320!

The Disko Starz - New York's Battle [click to download]

Doing it, mm, back in the day. I beat this style; takin' it easy and looking forward to the future, the future that is house.


prez jordan said...

Good stuff! But I'm afraid "Believe in Me" is far too repetitive. There's a point where I start to think the artist just stopped trying.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I still love it. Nothing will change my mind. Though a radio edit might be in order.

kurmidt said...

still, solid!

Anonymous said...

check out his soundclouds... almost everything to download, amazing !

Attack Yourself! said...

Haha, only just noticed you posted the Popcop remix :) Cheers fellas