Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm Feeling Better

Just wanted to get something out, so enjoy Hot Chip's latest single which has a pretty interesting videoclip.

Don't let the intro put you off though, those Boysbandmembers will get what they deserve, muhahaha...

(fun fact: this videoclip was directed by Peter Serafinowicz, know from 'Shaun of the dead')

Hot Chip - I Feel Better [click to download]

First hearing this song I immediately heard some fantastic remix material. The best one in my opinion is the Dancing Robot Music Remix.

Hot Chip - I Feel Better (Dancing Robot Music Remix) [click to download]

This one truly brings the tune to it's full potential:
- getting rid of the boysbandintro
- keeping those fantastic vocals
- adding some rhythm

Or am I mistaken, I have this feeling a lot of people will prefer the original over the remix, voice you opinions people!

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Alex said...

I know where they got their inspiration.

*clears throat*


Nite said...

wow this is actually very nice!! tbh though i prefer the original though the mix is excellent.

PoisonWaffle said...

Re: The songs - The remix is definitely better than the original, IMO. Fairly decent, even.

Re: The video - Um, wtf? Seriously, this isn't even entertaining or funny in any way. It's chock full of faggotry--gay boys with high voices, homoniggers, lazorz, conformist teenage girls in their 'retro' thick-rimmed glasses, etc.

The video is pure fail.

Brennan said...

Really PoisonWaffle....

Grahm said...


Well I guess I'm not missing much. I am unable to play the video. Says something about EMI.

Anonymous said...

The original is definitely better and PoisonWaffle is the real fail... I think all this passed a little bit over his head to be honest.

aliciakeys said...

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Gregatron said...

the remix wins, hands down. the original, to me, is annoying. you get those too-cool-for-school synths then... flight choral singing!? too flighty for the song, throwing it off balance. Remix FTW!