Saturday, 20 March 2010

Living in a World Full of Plastic Sand (Gorillaz Plastic Beach Album Review)

Yo Guys, It's Nite again, bringing you something cool to post for you today. I apologize for not keeping up with my weekly posts last week. I didn't have the time for it (that and i was too lazy to post anyway). So, as a way to make it up to you, i am going to review another album (which means lots of songs :P)

Today i am going to review the new Gorillaz album Plastic Beach and I must not lie:they are one of my favorite bands on the planet. Does this mean a good review? Well, lets find out.

Orchestral Intro (feat. Sinfonia ViVa):
a minute of intro sounds to get you accustomed to the feel of the long awaited album. However its just a intro so there is no rating for this.

Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach (feat. Snoop Dogg and Hypnotic Bass):
Very slow and chillin track. The slow tone and sweet vocals from Snoop just want to make you want to relax and do nothing but chill. The only flaw I see in it is that it is possibly that you may fall asleep to it (i know that because i did haha). Nevertheless: 9/10

White Flag (feat. Kano,Bashy,and The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music): Yes i have to spell out the WHOLE title. deal with it. Anyways, I adore this song. Beautiful lively instrumentals provided by the lebanese orchestra make me feel like i'm in some foreign
country far away. The feeling is further expanded with a jamaican-like feel coming from the beats added on later to it. Downside? Its too different from their original hip-hop/electronic/dance/rap-esque feel and that may not interest a gorillaz noob. I personally think its a 10 but i have to be critical on it: 8.75/10

Rhinestone Eyes:
This is probably,BY FAR, my favorite track on here. Soulful lyrics, cheery beats....god its just downright beautiful. Yet, as cheery as it may first seem, it has, at least in my opinion, a feeling of loneliness hidden in it. You will love it regardless. 10/10

Stylo (feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def):
Much faster than the other tracks on here. Not to mention catchier as well (especially the overload part). Its got beats, vocals, and funk. Yet, its missing some personality compared to the other tracks. True, its more like the older gorillaz tracks, but it just doesnt carry anything AMAZING or FLASHY in it that wows me. Still, its pretty catchy. 8/10

Superfast Jellyfish (Feat. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul):
Now thats what i call a creative title.
I personally think this track is single worthy. Its also a little bit more varied than the rest of the rest, giving it a bold personality in it, as well as feeling completely happy and not lonely or nihilistic at all. The only flaw is its length (2:55 is TOO short people).
Still it gets a 9.5/10.

Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon):
Very hypnotizing and Sweet.It can also bore you to death and make you fall asleep with the slow half of it. It gains some speed in the second half, but can feel a little bit too lonely. 10 for beauty but only a 8/10 as a song all together.

Glitter Freeze (feat. Mark E. Smith):
Its a bit meh to be honest. It doesnt have a lot of variety in it and it can be annoying. 7/10

Some Kind of Nature (Feat. Lou Reed):
EDIT: After giving it a more in-depth listen, i realized i am the biggest moron on the planet for giving it a 5 originally. This track is quite amazing, with the exception of the intro (which i still cant like). Otherwise, its a great tune with lovely vocals. 9/10
On Melancholy Hill:
Pure epicness to be honest. Whenever i listen to it, i feel like i'm at the beach with my best buds just cocking about (lol). Its hypnotizing, and not really melancholy as the title suggests. Definitely top three of the album. 10/10

Its definitely cool. But again: does it wow me? (no). its a bit too bland and the vocal synths can at sometimes be overkill, but the beats are nice and the vocals can too be enjoyable. I'm torn about this track so i'll be nice and let it off with a 7.5/10

Sweepstakes (feat. Mos Def and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble):
The vocals are rap-esque, yet the beats feel like im in a spanish swing club (if that makes sense). In short, its pretty freaking awesome. (Not top three for me but points go for creativity and nice experimentation). 8.5/10

Plastic Beach (feat. Mick Jones and Michael Simonon):
Smooth track and very "out of there" compared to the last few albums. Unfortunately,the "out of there" part is just the problem as it makes it feel lonely and void of any life.Overall, the track isn't bad at all,it just is a bit too out of the zone. 7.75/10

To Binge (feat. Little Dragon):
The lyrics are pretty decent, and the beats are pretty nice. Still WTH is up with the loneliness im finding in most of the tracks? 8.25/10

Cloud of Unknowing (feat. Bobby Womack and sinfonia ViVa):
To sum this up, its kind of like a church hymn. Sweet, beautiful, and in this case, slow. The loneliness fits in here perfectly and all of the sorrow just makes me want to cry. Truly a beautiful track. 10/10

Pirate Jet:
Very bizarre is all i can say about this track. Yet, its light and happy,which is refreshing and fitting for the end. It makes me feel like that, despite all the sadness, there is a light of hope shining at the tunnels end. Good way to end the album. 9.5/10

Now you're wondering: "Well, what does this mean to me? Should I buy it or not?"

Personally, It depends. If you are a gorillaz noob and you are wanting something that's dark (or happy), and has a pumping dance beat, then no. Demon Days would be your best bet to start off first before considering it. However, If you are a die-hard gorillaz fan like me, or you like variety and chill tracks like me, i would say HELL YES.

-Most tracks are very smooth and creative.
-A Lot of the tracks remind me of being on the beach (That's a very good thing)
-Sweet Artwork
-Very chilling tracks: Great to sleep to.
-Most songs have personality and flair to it
-Not a very uplifting album
-Can make you fall asleep if you dont want to.
-Most of the tracks are sad and lonely, which can be annoying
-Too many (Feat.) tracks and not enough plain ol' Gorillaz tracks
-Can turn off noobs to gorillaz

(REVISED)Overall Score: 9.0/10

Now for some tracks:

Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill [click to download]

Gorillaz - White Flag [click to download]

Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes [click to download]

Stay Cool In The Summer Heat,


Joe said...

Kano and Bashy? Jamaican-sounding? They're about as British as you can possibly get!

Nite said...

joe, i know youre trying to point out something and state theyre british. I get that. Personally, though, i was expressing my OWN opinion on what it sounded like. It is interesting they are british, i didnt know. However, it is rather irritating the way you have said your opinion on the last three posts. Its been very blunt and argumentative and quite frankly, i find that kind of insulting a little on my part. It sounds like you just want to argue with what i think and what i say doesnt matter. From now on joe, please talk about the POST and not about what i think. Either that, or find a nicer way to respond to my personal thoughts or beliefs on something. If you cant do this, i will have no choice but to erase all of your future comments on my posts.

untra said...

Rhinestone Eyes sounds amazing every time I listen to it... my god I'm picking up this album!

untra said...

Also, if you're a fan of superfast jellyfish:

Joe said...


mike L said...

Hmmmm, interesting that you thought 'some kind of nature' was awful. Did you not think that it was a nod to Reed's Transformer period and that the lyrics were dryly ironic and sardonic in that true Reed vein, which surely was a good calculated move from Albarn I thought.

messer hani said...

I cannot understand how could you give Some Kind of Nature only 5/10, this song is pretty fucking amazing, and Lou Reed kicks some serious ass!

Nite said...

I gave it a second listen hani... Im changing this rating right now. HOW THE HELL DID I GIVE IT 5/10?! i must have been on something at the time haha.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, Kano & Bashy obviously sound like British people of Caribbean can't tell me someone who says "ting" and "dat" doesn't sound somewhat Jamaican, lets be reasonable.

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Rhinestone Eyes sounds amazing every time I listen to it... my god I'm picking up this album.