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[IFA] April/May: Silver Disco

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Hey guys, I'd like to introduce you all to an exciting new feature I've been wanting to produce for quite sometime - the Ilictronix Featured Artist. At the end of each month, I (with the help of my staff), will select an artist we wish to be featured on ilictronix.

This is different than normal posts, as it will contain a short bio, some pictures, tracks, and even an interview. We hope to help these growing artists get the exposure they deserve. So enjoy! Also, you will able to nominate an artist using the form below.

To kick off this feature, I am more than thrilled to talk about one of my new favorites, Silver Disco. While my love may be new, I assure you it is here to stay. But enough about me, let's begin.

My name is Josh Joel Hubi and I'm a producer and DJ from New York. I love
pasta, free hugs, and baby make me feel dirty sex (no really. Just the first
two). I am mostly known for my rare french house sound which is projected
under Silver Disco but I've be involved in many other different musical
projects. It is very rare for a Turkish and Puerto Rican as myself to have
such a powerful burning passion for French House music. Let's just say my
childhood was none alike the advantage.

> So, Silver Disco, what other aliases have you gone under?

First starting out as Joel Van Cortlandt in 2005 (Joel being my middle name
and Van Cortlandt being my childhood birthplace) I released a two side vinyl
EP called “Hurt You”. Later that year, I joined my good friend Dawood
Helmandi (½ of The Disko Starz) and formed a duo called Silver Starz. Our
first self release was “True Love” which contained a very strong connection
between love and music. It was this track that I really realized that I
wanted to get serious. After working with The Disko Starz and learning along
the way I formed Silver Disco and released my first free 4 track EP called
“Silver Disco - Silver Starz”. That was in 2007 and the rest is history.

> How long have you been in the business?

Five exciting years.

> Describe your music in 3 words or less.

Love fulled music.

> What do you do besides make music?

Besides my love for music, I have a huge passion for computers. I am a Web
Developer currently earning my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I've
founded a web hosting company called DewPixel and work as a Web Developer
for a gaming company called GamerNode.

> Describe some of your other talents.

I can bend my legs behind my head while sitting down, Go 48 hours without
sleeping, drawing, writing, and did I tell you I could read peoples minds?

> What record/artist really got you into dance music?

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

> What record/artist would you remove from history?

AutoTune Hip-Hop rappers who rap about hateful bullshit crap and sell

> Favorite musical guilty pleasure? (We all secretly love Lady Gaga)

Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Pitbull, Diwali Riddim,
Wayne Wonder.

> Favorite music toy?

Roland TR-909

> What do you try to achieve when you make music?

One thing I try to achieve is a connection between the song and the
listener. Music is a very important element in our life and when I create
music I always try to aim for that feel good tune. The type of tune that
will lift you up off and keep you grooving. Slip Away. On My Mind, Farewell,
This song's for you; All songs which hold a key to my past. I was never
lucky and always fell short in love. Music is all I got to express myself.
It's all I got to love. I am just so very blessed to be able to love and be
loved by the ones who listen the music.

> What would you like to see evolve in the world of House music in the next
few years? (Or brought back).

The acceptance of this type of music (French Touch/Disco House) in the
states for sure. Not enough people are fond with this type of music just
yet. I can name ten people off the top of my head that I know who hate it,
ten more who have never heard of it, and another ten that don't even know
who Daft Punk is. It's big down in France, Germany, Leads, and Italy but not
as strong as you'd think it should be down a few parts in America.

> Anything we can expect from you in the near future?

I am really excited about my future with Silver Disco and as a artist. I am
currently the studio working on my debut album which we will hear more about
after spring 2010. I am very excited about it and I am drawing a lot
inspiration from Daft Punk's Discovery album. As the album may be a heaps
away I got two new EP's “Call Me EP” and “Your Love EP” coming out via
roXour and OMG recordings in the upcoming months. They contain tracks that
will be on my forthcoming album.

Here's some of Silver Disco's hand-picked tracks.

Silver Starz - True Love [click to download]

Silver Disco - Farewell [click to download]

Silver Disco - Slip Away [click to download]

Joel Van Cortlandt - Hurt You [click to download]

God what a talent, and in my opinion - some of the best (and most personal) answers I've seen yet. I am pleased to honor Silver Disco the title of Ilictronix Featured Artist - March 2010. Don't forget to check out Silver Disco on MySpace and Twitter.

Think you can do better? Nominate your artist now! Please be aware that it must be artists whom we will be able to reach and conduct an interview with!

Stay cool,


Nacho said...

Yeah! Great interview! Really nice because there are so many artist that we have not know almost nothing!! As mentioned in this post, I propose The Disko Starz for next month! And talk about the new album!
Salud from Spain.

Kamei said...

Silver Disco!!



Awesome.. Call Me its the shit..

The Phantom for next month.. Kamei should get an interview too..

Greetings from Mexico

Dj Waybig said...

Awesome interview! I'm a big fan of Silver Disco and love the tracks! :D

Anonymous said...

Great Interview!! Get Leonardus in here for the next one!

Anonymous said...

I nominate Evil Stereo cause we havent heard anything from him in a while, and he deserves to be bigger!

Wulf said...


Boba Fettuccini said...

You haven't heard anything from Evil in awhile because he's been working on comic books and hasn't been doing too much music.

Kamei said...

@OÁ Huge Thanks!! =D

@Boba Fettuccini Comic Books?? =OOO I love comic books!

Evil Stereo said...

Thanks, Boba. ;D

It's true, I'm in the process of writing a graphic novel right now, so I've been kinda buse. But I'm also working on an LP, so expect that soon. ;D

Well... expect it eventually, anyway.

Also, Silver Disco is indescribable. The term "flawless" comes to mind.

triplem said...

Great choice. Now get an interview with Club Cavalry PLEASE

prez jordan said...

That probably won't be too difficult :P

Nite said...


Club Cavalry said...

Seriously? Um... why? Club Cavalry sucks. :p

Attack Yourself! said...

I nominated Shazam.

Louie J said...

Holy crap, roXour?

Isn't that Patrick Alavi's label? If it happens to be, well done!

Session Leopard said...

Axel Le Baron! - Silver Disco is mighty smooth.