Friday, 12 March 2010

Robotic Men Unite to be Acolytes


Anyway, during this recent "not-posting-but-lurking" period, i discovered some cool tracks. And yes, it is a random tracks post, but fear not, as soon as i get my shit done (which should be in about a week), i will make a specific post on a specific artist, but for now, onto the tracks.

We start off with a little british band called Delphic.
This track is off their debut album called "Acolyte" and guess what, im posting the title track itself!
It is nearly 9 minutes of a brilliant progressive track, which starts off slow, to speed up, then to slow down again and then to climax. This peak isnt even at the halfway mark, but somehow it just keeps on going until the very end.

Delphic - Acolyte [click to download]

Now, we have a rarity. This track you may have heard on The Twelves' latest mixtape, The Twelfth Hour. It is by a german duo called Methusalem, who released an album and two singles in 1980 and then dissapeared from the map.
This single, called "Robotism" is so rare that the 12' copies of it are worth about €100, which is quite expensive for a record.
As for the track, its funky disco at its peak. All it lacks are some vocals, and The 12's do that for us in their mixtape.

Methusalem - Robotism [click to download]

Now, something darker.
Kris Menace's label "Work It Baby" is celebrating it's 10th birthday, and to celebrate, they released a 2-cd compilation with exclusive tracks and old releases.
This is Menace's remix of Moonbotica's "Men of The Future".
It has that melodic, dreamy sound that is typical with Kris Menace, but the lead synth is fantastic is gives a bit more depth to a brilliant track.

Moonbotica - Men Of The Future (Kris Menace Remix) [click to download]

And to finish this post, an exclusive. Ferrenl is a dutch bloke who doesnt really have much history in the music making business.
But the other day, he posted a mashup on TDC that is absolutely brilliant.
You all know SebastiAn's "Threnody". I called it the most stupid track of 2010, 4 days into it.
But what Ferrenl decided to do is to mashup this track with a Raw Man + Blanche track, more especifically "United".
The end result is fantastic. The classical intro of United builds up to the Threnody breakdown, using United's lyrics and finishes with the Threnody outro, all in less than 3 minutes.

Raw Man feat Blanche vs SebastiAn - United Threnody (Ferrenl Mashup) [click to download]

In the meantime, Ferrenl tweaked it a bit, and ou can get version 2 off his soundcloud, but i prefer the original version.


A model of success,


Here said...

delphic, nuff said <3

Anonymous said...

The SebastiAn + Rawman mashup is amateur at best guys; there's nonstop peaking going on here! Have some standards guys...

Nite said...

@Anon: Maybe its because he is amateur. Geezus people did you not read: "Ferrenl is a dutch bloke who doesnt really have much history in the music making business." he hasn't done it for very long, but he is trying, and he is doing well i might add. Please get off his case, as you cant seem to do any better can you?

Anonymous said...

@Nite: Understood, but seriously, is this really a place to be posting people who lack the skills in production? Once upon a time, young bucks like him busted their ass in the studio until they were good enough to be heard... Maybe these are just the days of 'post anything'.

Fine, let us buy your argument: Ferrenl, get use to criticism if you're going to be having your stuff 'blogged'. It's purpose is up to you, but I'd take the logical criticisms as constructive.

And secondly Nite, you have no idea who I am (in the most literal sense of the word). I may or may not be able to do any better than him, but that doesn't matter. I'm a critic of music, so it's seriously moot whether I can do better or not than him, now isn't it.

ferrenl said...

It was a random mash up idea and the concept isn't bad at all. I agree it was not a very serious attempt but if Alex likes it and wants to write about it, I won't stop him. I could publish some more serious stuff in the future.

Alex said...

@Anon: First of all, count the amount of artists that gained fame through blogs like ours, good producers or not.
These are the days of 'post anything', because anyone can make music and anyone can talk about what they like.

Second, Ferrenl is right. I like the mashup, i post it. You cant discuss tastes.

Third, if you are such a music critic, why not tell us who you are?

chains said...

i listened to the track and thought to myself, hmm production is lacking a their are probably comments below hatin and junk. and bam.

anon, i am actually really happy you posted the track. and hope more blog owners could be like you. ..why deny us a good track just cuz its not perfectly mastered. everyone's not a pro.

ferrenl the concept is mindblowing. seriously keep it up. im a fan.