Sunday, 21 March 2010

[Royal Flush 023] Richard Grey - Come Into My Groove Vol. 1

I've got some more filter-heavy French House for you :)

Courtesy of Richard Grey (MySpace), Royal Flush's 23rd installment, Come Into My Groove vol. 1 sounds like something off of Crydamoure, but came much later than that.

Label: Royal Flush Records
Catalog#: RF023
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: France
Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Disco

Royal Flush Records is packed with Filter House talent, and unfortunately I only have 3 installments, otherwise I would post more. This EP is no exception, though short. It has perfect high-to-low pitch changes, great cutting, and subtle yet lasting drum beats. Let's take it step by step.

This is the only picture I could find, sorry :(

One More Groove is the more energetic track of the two. If you can mind the little static ticks (from vinyl ripping, of course. but these offer sort of a "nostalgic" feel), you'll come to appreciate the flow of the song. It's very harmonic, soothing, and above all, funky. Damn I wish I found this sample first.

Richard Grey - One More Groove [click to download]

Love Groove has an older feel to it and has so much filter you might not be able to take it. But a little into the song, the whole thing develops into some serious funk. The sample is relaxing, and the lead is very classic-sounding, almost like muzak. It's light, but in spirit, has a lot of power behind it.

Richard Grey - Love Groove [click to download]

So that does it for Come Into My Groove Vol 1. Short, I know, but it definitely has a lot to offer. So keep adding to your French House collection, because there's a track for any type of emotion.


PS - Thanks to Lee (@ghostsofvenice) for sending me this as a part of a larger French House collection!


Nite said...

Love Groove is very interesting. I like that one. Unfortuantely I dont like One More Groove. sorry :(

Greg said...

thanks man, I love your blog and i love french touch !

Ghosts Of Venice said...

My Pleasure :)

asdfffdsa said...

These are absolutely fantastic.

You say "as a part of a larger French House collection". Do you have any plans of sharing any other parts of that collection? (if the stuff isn't too common, that is)

prez jordan said...

The other labels included in the collection were Roule and Together. I personally have 7 completed French House volumes of various labels, which will be slowly added to the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Big ups on posting classic cuts! I actually have about 6, 000 records in my collection & da majority of it is Funky/French house. I have not even ripped one record & Ima start doing it this weekend! I plan on sharing it here on this blog! I have everything from good ol' Nekbath, Kid Creme, to cuts from Bangalter dat I aint seen on no blog! Who do I get in touch w/so I can start sharing my jewels w/all da regulars? Hopefully I got some shit U guys need or haven't heard yet...rspx

lilerniegroove said...

btw...i go by Lil' Ernie Groove idk why it says anonymous! Ima try to avoid to many pops & cracks when I rip all 12's! Time to pull out da lifesaver, "GRUV GLIDE"!

asdfffdsa said...

Great to hear prez and lilerniegroove

Always looking for more french house