Wednesday, 3 March 2010

When a song gets a second life...

Hi there again,

I know I once said Second Lives on Vitalic's latest album sounded too poppy (although it represents who he is at it's fullest) and I never really liked the original very much...

Vitalic - Second Lives [click to download]

Thank god Vitalic decided to let some great names remix the song:

The remix I'm discussing today will be Lifelike's (don't we all just love the guy):

Vitalic - Second Lives (Lifelike Remix) [click to download]

After listening to this remix I got a lot more respect for the song called Second Lives I once just threw out of the window without ever planning to listen to it again. It was a song with lots of potential, a divine intro and a nice beat that seemed to go on for ages (the main thing that threw me of). Lifelike gave it the spark I needed to fall in love with it. The original still has the better intro of the two, but Lifelike's remix has a much better flow... It stagnates a little on the end of the first half, but right when you think you've had enough of it, the funkyness begins and you've got yourself a nice classic in the making.

Some last thing I promised to do: Here's the TPR song I was going to post.

The Phantom's Revenge - Absolute Ego Riot (Original Mix) [click to download]

The Phantom's Revenge - Absolute Ego Riot (Louis La Roche Remix) [click to download]

The original leaves me cold, the Louis La Roche Remix however is fantastic.

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Prasit said...

The poppiness of Second Lives never really occurred to me, but now that you point that out I can see where it comes from. Then again I'm extremely bias when it comes to this tune. Sorry bout the spiel thats coming:

There is an overall tone melancholy and sadness that builds in you as the build-ups progresses. Then as those depressing feelings are about to overtake you, it explodes into this vibrant dance of synths that makes you groove. The drop leaves you feeling alive releases you from that feeling of sadness, but not completely. It's an incredibly melancholy song and at the same time is this celebration of life. I always had this feeling from the song that those difficult moments in life are what it make worth celebrating, more so if you lived your whole life happily ever after.
I listen to this song I can't help but reflect upon the sad and difficult parts of life, but then drop hits and I remember no matter how shitty life can get, just fucking dance...

I may have read way too much into this song, and Vitalic could of just produced it never anticipating it could be interpreted like this. But regardless, I find 'Second Lives' a shining example of how this genre electronic music, generally written off as a shallower music form, can make one experiences powerful emotions without the use of lyrics.

P.S.- Bloody Beetroots remix of this song is pretty good too

prez jordan said...

Damn fine. Also ^^ wins for longest comment evar.

Anonymous said...

no. we dont all just love Lifelike.

Mr. Brown said...

Haha Prasit, I just skipped the song when I bought the album cause it didn't give me the same feeling as One above one or poison lips did. I never really truly listened to it.

The feelings you're describing are all pretty recogniseable. It has this nostalgic feel to it... The Bloody Beatroots remix wasn't too different from the original, so I didn't really like it.

Prasit said...

Ha, glad i could contribute, ilictronix boyos. What brought this all on is I was all dosed out on Saturday, listening to this song, and it made my eyes water. I'm glad the title of longest post ever goes to something insightful and not just a huge flame ha. But I love this song too much to not give my input.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I love it. Definitely my favorite track on the album.

Anonymous said...

I'm with other anon. We all don't love Lifelike. Maybe the old lifelike, you know, the one that wrote creative and catchy house classics, but not recent lifelike.